Regional Staff Report

The young people of our Creston Church held a Singspiration in their church for the purpose of getting funds to cover the cost of a recorder which they hoped to purchase. This recorder is to be used to bring sermons to the shut-ins and other uses. We were led in singing by Chuck Westra, a most capable director.

During the course of the evening we were favored with various special numbers. The “King’s Ambassadors,” which consists of: Chuck Westra, Jim Schipper, John Bult, and Don Faber, sang for us, accompanied by Jim Jonker. Also the Male Quartet from our Hope Church sang. There was an instrumental duet by Henrietta DenBesten and Jane Timmerman of our Second Church.

The collection taken gave our Creston young people a big help in their efforts, and I am sure we all spent a very enjoyable Sunday evening singing praises to our Maker.

+ + + + +

            Our annual Reformation Day Mass Meeting was held this year at our Hope Prot. Ref. Church. Jim Schipper opened the meeting with prayer, and led us in the singing of a few numbers from our Psalter. We were then favored with a number from the “King’s Ambassadors” and the Hope Male Quartet combined; they were accompanied by Jim Jonker.

Our speaker for the evening was student A. Mulder, who spoke to us on the topic: “God’s Promises of Truth: Its Testimony in History.” His speech was both interesting and beneficial to us as young people. This is a short summary of the things he said:

“Tonight we are concerned with a portion of history, in fact, the newest portion there is as of right now. And history, we know, is the unfolding of the counsel of Jehovah. This does not unfold arbitrarily but rather purposefully. That purpose is to lead His Church with Christ as Head into all Truth so that God is glorified forever.”

“The most tremendous comfort to us is that we know that the knowledge of Truth not only lived, and lives, but that it shall always continue to live in us. Hence, we celebrate reform. It is the Church’s possession – the gift of God. The Church and she alone owns it, understands it, and experiences it. She alone celebrates it; and she alone connects it with history.”

“Knowledge of the Truth is the knowing and experiencing of the beautiful Scriptural truths and then seeing clearly the story of God as He reveals it to His church in history.”

“Why is there this knowledge? Simply by Promise, and this is essentially the entire purpose and plan revealed to the Church.”

“How is there a knowledge of Truth? Simply by fulfillment of that promise. So it is with the Reformation. An event in the Counsel of God wherein unrighteousness strove to corrupt Truth, and made itself guilty before God, yea, inexcusable unto death, and died – given as a ransom for truth; then truth enveloped forth much more clearly developed, shining in beauty, for the Church of all ages to see that the promise of God still operates and will continue so to operate by His word and spirit for His church.”

Mr. Mulder went on to explain the historical divisions of the Reformation, the conflicts involved, and the testimony of truth in Luther. “The promise of God, as He speaks it in the hearts of His people of all ages, in our Lord Jesus Christ, and by His Spirit, led Luther. And so too He will guide us into all truth and show it unto us. God’s promise concerning Truth remains upheld by Him and carried out by Him. And its testimony stands as a beacon for His church.”

We were then favored with a piano solo by Mary Pastoor from our First Church. After recess we enjoyed an instrumental number by Bob and Mary Decker, both from our First Church. Then followed an exciting debate on the topic: Resolved, that physical contact sports are morally wrong. Agatha Lubbers and Fran Flikkema took the affirmative and Dwight Monsma and Rich Van Baren the negative. The negative won the debate according to the decision of the judges.

Rev. McCollam closed our meeting with prayer. As usual, the real debate took place outside after the meeting was over, but we young people always enjoy each other’s company and arguments. We all enjoyed this Mass Meeting and are looking forward to our next one.