Redeeming the Time

The topic “Redeeming the Time” means to utilize or employ our time to the best advantage possible. Our question in life should always be: “How can I employ my time to the best service?”, and this should always be answered thus: “That in everything I do, think, and say, I am praising the Lord therein to the utmost of my ability”.

People are so often busy with business affairs and their work in our present day that they presume they have no time for spiritual things. The routine of working hours is long, and when they come home they are so filled with worries and care of this world that their nights are broken up because of it. Time won’t even allow them thought on spiritual things. Living, to them, is as if it would continue forever. This is much the opinion of the work-a-day world.

A common expression of young folks is: “Have a good time while we’re young; we are old soon enough. When we get older we’ll think of immortality, of the things of the hereafter”. The thing is that perhaps the time will never come when they call themselves old. Thought never comes of the fact that we are given but one short life to remember our Creator, Eccl. 12.

Our life may well be compared to a journey on a train. Every mile brings us nearer our destination. Each day, each month, and each year brings us nearer eternity. Looking backwards upon our life we notice that the years have sped by. Then, too, when the one is on a journey by train, stops are made at many stations at which passengers get off. So, too, with our earthly journey we see many leaving this life as the train stops at their station. Soon the time comes when we, too, must get off.

Our life is not very long. The life span in general is sixty, seventy, or eighty years; some become older, but they are very few. Scripture compares our life to a flower. It grows, buds, blooms, and behold, it is withered away. Life is but very short. I found a poem which reads:


So this is life, this world with all pleasures,

Struggles and tears, a smile, a frown, a sign,

Friendship so true, and love of kin and neighbor?

Sometimes ‘tis hard to live – always to die.


The world moves on, so rapidly the living,

The forms of those who disappear replace,

And each one dreams that he will be enduring,

How soon that one becomes a missing face!


In life or death – and life is surely flying,

The crib and coffin carved from selfsame tree;

In life or death – and death so soon is coming,

Escape I cannot, there’s no place to flee .


Help me to know the value of these hours,

Help me the folly of all waste to see;

Help me to trust the Christ who bore my sorrows,

And then to yield for life or death to thee.


In all my days be glorified Lord Jesus,

In all my ways guide me with thine own eye;

Just when and as Thou wilt, use me, Lord Jesus

And then for me ‘tis Christ, to live or die.


Let us then try to the best of our ability to use our time as servants of our king, walking as strangers and pilgrims here below, journeying to that Better City. The question we should ask ourselves is this: “How can I more and more serve and praise my Master?” Our work on earth is to desire to do God’s will and whatever I do, seek to praise Him. That is what we must do with our time. Then also when a time comes when we must decide if it would be alright to go here or there, ask yourselves if you can go to praise God. If we can, alright, then we may go.

Let us remember one thing. When we get older and look back over our life, we shall see whether we have redeemed the time, or have led a wasted life. If we have not redeemed the time, then it is forever too late to make up for the days which we have spent in vain. If we bear the name Christian, shall we not carry that Name redeeming wisely our time by doing the work to which we are called, namely, praising God, keeping His commandments, and being shining lights before the world. If we do this to the best of our ability with our talents given to us by God, it will bring joy to our hearts, joy as the world has never known.

Let us redeem the time, for the days are evil.