For one reason or another reading is not appreciated by many of our young people. They would rather be out on the streets every night, than to read a book or church literature. In a day and time like now, we should be great read­ers of books, magazines, papers, etc.

There are many nights in which we don’t know what to do with ourselves. What a shame, young people, why don’t you get the Bible, the Standard Bearer, or our Beacon Lights, and study them, that you may increase in the knowledge of God. To be rooted in Christ we must know Him.

There are too many of our young people reading the trash of the world such as true love story magazines, gang­ster stories, wild west stories, comic books, and many other wicked novels. Shame should cover our faces if we are guilty of reading such corruption.

There are many Christian books which we should read, for by reading them we may be equipped with the armor of sal­vation. Reading serves as a good relaxa­tion; many doctors advise their patients to read, for reading aids patients to re­cover more speedily.

In our Beacon Lights there are very good book reviews which we could enjoy in our spare time. Our Young People’s Societies should encourage young people to read more. They should be assigned to certain of Rev. Hoeksemas books and to make book reports on them. By this method they may increase in the know­ledge of our doctrine. We must read God’s Word continually. We never can know too much, we must ever increase our knowledge. We must be prepared to stand unmoveable, not being tossed about with every false doctrine, for it is our calling to fight the battle of faith in the midst of this world.

So, young people, let us read all our church literature, study God’s Word con­tinually that we may be equipped with the armour of salvation to fight this great battle of faith.