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Psalter 383— The Lord Our Maker

The Lord Our Maker is the appropriate title for this versification of Psalm 139. In the very first line, we are reminded that we owe everything to our God and that we are nothing. We are called to give constant praise to God for fashioning us in His infinite wisdom. The fact that God created us in His image seems difficult to comprehend because of the corruption of our wicked nature. God has a perfect plan for all of us, and we do not often understand His plan and we try to fight against it. We want to make our plan God’s, rather than accepting His plan as ours. When we learn to submit to God’s perfect plan, we find peace and contentment, resting in the knowledge that the plan existed before we did.

The thoughts of God are at times incomprehensible to us, yet exceedingly precious. God’s thoughts are worth far more than the riches of this earth, even than gold and silver. At times we think that these things are beyond us, and therefore not for us, but God shows us by the inner working of the Spirit that these things are for us His beloved people. We know that one day we will see this all clearly when we are in the new heaven and earth. What a glorious gift is the salvation that God has bestowed upon us, for we were in His thoughts before our very existence.

The wicked, who persecute God’s people, shall be slain by the Lord in the final judgment. They receive constant judgments for their sins but will eventually be cast into the eternal fire. We know that we also deserve this judgment if God had not predestined us. In this Psalter we ask that God will keep His people from sinners and from the persecution that accompanies living in the world. The wicked frequently speak against God’s holy name and use it in vain. We are to count those that are God’s enemies as our own and turn from them as well as admonish them.

The last stanza of Psalter 383 calls upon God to search our hearts and thoughts to see if there be any truth in them. We know that often our thoughts are filled with sin and evil. Yet through the blood of Christ we have been made pure and clean. God sees only our clean white inner self and continues to lead us in the right way. We are not able to fall from God’s grace, because having given us His grace, God preserves us in it. This is a great comfort when we find ourselves straying into sinful paths. God will always be our guide, and all things are in His eternal plan for us. We may not allow this to be an excuse to sin, but rather as an encouragement for us to continue in the way of living a life that gives thanks and glory to God. May our lives show this thanksgiving to God in all our actions and words. Praise be to God for His righteousness. ❖