Psalter 350 – Devotion to the Church

Many any are the Psalter numbers that ring dear to our hearts, and the more we sing them the more precious they become. Psalter number 350 has become special for me because it reminds me of my friends and what an encouragement they are. The first stanza calls us to God’s temple, not alone but with our friends. We should long to meet our friends both in church and at church functions so that we may build each other up to live a life glorifying to God. The last line of this stanza always strikes me because we do not often times have willing feet to go to God’s house whether on the Sabbath or during the week, but communion with God and friends makes us eager to go to Zion.

We often think of God’s house as a beautiful building but are reminded in the second and third stanzas that it is not the place that is beautiful but the gathering of God’s people. Though we be ugly sinners God has redeemed and made us lovely in the blood of Christ.

As we meet to worship God may we never forget that it is to praise and glorify His name. When we hear God’s word proclaimed it is one of the means He uses to show us how to live closer to him and to know His will for our lives. We should seek to hear the preaching as it is necessary for our salvation as Romans 10:14-15 states.

The fourth stanza reminds us how precious is the peace that abounds in our churches. There are many times in the history of the church when discord reigns. May we find a solace in meeting in God’s temple and feel the safety of His walls for human walls will not save us. The world around us becomes more turbulent, yet may we pray that God’s truth shall stand forever.

Our covenant friends and family are so dear to us that may we remember them in our prayers. Those that seek to serve God will strive to see that the truth of God’s sovereign grace will keep His people faithful to Him. May we ever seek to maintain the unity and truth of the church by God’s grace alone.