Psalter 345 – Our Unsleeping Guardian

I look to the hills for my help. What a great comfort this Psalter number is to the child of God in time of trials and difficulties. When I stand at the foot of the mountains and lift my eyes to them, I am amazed at how great and unmoving they are. The mountains are rugged, yet there is a peaceful solace found in them. This is similar in our experience as Christians as we look to God for our help. He too is unchangeable in His dealings with us. I am ever grateful that this is true, for I must put my trust in God to uphold me in His way. The Lord provides the help we need even when we do not know how great our need is. The Lord made the heavens and earth, and it seems that the mountains are there for us to see and realize how stable our God is. He is able to move the mountains with only His spoken word, and yet He cares for us.

God will be our guide through all of life’s journey, as the second part of the first stanza states. He will not allow anything to happen to us apart from His good council and providence. We are unable to fall away from Him, which is comforting because on our own we would turn our backs to God. He protects us from the onslaughts of the devil, and though we may be tempted to sin, God has blotted out those sins through Christ’s blood shed on the cross. God watches over us every day and even in the night, as He does not tire or require rest. While we rest or are on beds of affliction and know not what goes on around us, God is there to protect and care for us.

We are comforted when we see saints of God grow old and become unable to go to church; yet He is caring for them. Day by day we are cared for by the Lord, our creator. God protects us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We require this protection, yet no human could ever provide it. We constantly give in to sin and to the lusts of our flesh, and though we are responsible for our actions, they are in God’s plan and providence. Our omnipresent and omniscient God has a purpose in all of our life, and He will keep us whether we be at home or away from home. Day by day and night by night, we find strength in this truth and put our trust in God alone. ❖