Psalter 336 – Watching and Eager Longing

This month we turn to Psalm 119:121-128 as it is versified in Psalter number 336. This passage follows the pattern of Psalm 119 in speaking about the statutes or laws of God. This section focuses on the truth that we are servants of God. David shows here how through mercy God teaches us His statutes. We also learn that when we truly know the testimonies of God, we also love them and seek to keep them.

David begins this Psalm by speaking of having shown justice in his judgments as king. He has attempted to rule in a Godly way. He asks God not to leave him. David recognizes his need of protection from God. He knows from whence his help comes. We need to remember this too when we face the opposition in the world. God will not forsake us and will always be there to protect us. David here sets a good example for us by waiting on the Lord.

The end of the first stanza speaks of God teaching His servants. When we look at verses 121-125 of Psalm 119, we find that David refers to himself as a servant of God three times. David here recognizes that he truly is a servant of God. As a servant he asks to be taught by his master, God. David seeks to have understanding first. This would be an understanding of the ways of God. When we understand the will and plan of God only then can we truly be servants of His. In verse 125, we find that David asks for understanding and then to know the testimonies of God. We learn from this that we too must pray to know God and then we will understand the importance of his testimonies and laws to us. Reflect on the idea that if David, as great a king as he was, was only a servant of God; how much more we are servants of God.

It is through the understanding of the testimonies of God that we obtain wisdom. This is how the second stanza of Psalter 336 begins. God grants us wisdom when we pray for it. Wisdom helps us to know the testimonies of God and how they apply to our daily lives. We hear the commandments of God read each Sunday; yet we can think that we have kept them all. God in His wisdom shows us that in our hearts we have broken all of His commandments. This then brings us to see how great our sin is and our need for a Savior. This Savior is a merciful gift from God.

The final part of this Psalter versification speaks of David’s love for the commandments of God. He esteems them more than gold. We too are of the earth and come to think of gold as precious above all else. David reminds us that God’s commandments are worth far more than earthly gold. It is through our keeping these commandments that we show our appreciation and love for God. Although we have only a small beginning of this obedience on the earth, we strive for this as David did. We look forward to the day when we can keep the commandments of God perfectly in heaven.

We have small beginning of appreciation for all the things that come to us by God’s almighty hand. God teaches us, He gives us understanding, and He gives us wisdom. God is truly merciful to us and full of compassion.