Psalter 249 — The Reward of Perfect Trust

This month we continue to look at Psalm 91 using the versification of the second part of the Psalm, Psalter 249. This Psalter versification is entitled “The Reward of Perfect Trust.” We are reminded of the importance of putting our trust in God and believing that He will always care for us. We looked last month at the many enemies which attack us and God’s protection from those enemies. This month we turn to the truth of the providence of God and our duty related to this truth. God calls us to trust in Him alone and then many benefits will be given to us.

This Psalter versification begins by speaking of our putting our trust in God alone and knowing that He will be our refuge. David in this Psalm makes clear that by trusting in God we find the confidence of refuge from evil. Already we see the benefits of trusting in God to be a safe abode from our troubles.

We are next led to see that God commands the host of angels to watch over and care for us. We do not have just one guardian angel as some would like to propose but rather the host of angels cares for us. What a comfort to know that as God’s chosen people we are protected on all sides from harm! We know that this does not necessarily mean protection from physical harm but rather protection from the devil so that he cannot overcome us or take us from God’s hand. The angels not only watch out for us but also they bear us up lest we dash a foot against a stone (Psalm 91:12). This assures us that no matter how fierce the enemy is we shall not be overcome. God will preserve us as His own.

In Psalm 91:14 and Psalter 249 stanza 4 we see a change of person in the writing so that God Himself is speaking to us. God declares that He will be a deliverer. This is a result of our having loved God. We know from other passages of Scripture that we love God only because He first loved us (I John 4:16, I John 4:19, II Thessalonians 2:16). God continues with the benefits of our loving Him in that we are exalted as one of His own, He answers us in distress and blesses us in trouble. We see here that God will always hear us when we call on Him in prayer, and we know that from our own experience also. When we sincerely pray to God, He grants us the strength and confidence that we need to continue on in the battles of life.

This Psalm closes speaking about the benefit of complete deliverance from the enemy. He then gives us the complete victory over sin and the devil when we are brought into His Kingdom. God also speaks of honoring His elect people. It is hard to believe that God would desire to give honor to us, a sinful and rebellious people. When He has chosen us lowly people and exalted us, how can we doubt but that His way is best for us? This emphasizes the truth of God’s providential care over us in this life. God gives to us abundant life. Our time on this earth may be short but it is to be filled with heavenly things for that is our eternal hope. Our time on this earth is to be spent glorifying and praising our God for the benefits which He has bestowed on us.

May we always remember this as we go through this earthly pilgrimage and ever praise our God. We were given the Psalms for the purpose of praising God. We continue to reflect on them and see that God’s truths are always bringing us to praise Him. May we see God’s truths, especially God’s providential hand in our lives, as we sing this and all the Psalms. ❖