Psalter 241—The Mercies and Faithfulness of God


Sing! Sing joyful praises to our God! In lifting up our voices in praises to our God we sing of God’s wondrous ways with us. He has chosen us and delivered us from our enemy, the devil, and from our sins which we daily commit. He has sent His beloved Son, the Son of David to deliver us from these evils. We as natural man do not deserve this pardon as well as any of the other blessings that God has bestowed upon us. Yet, through Christ, God’s mercies are ever sure. Our Lord’s faithfulness will never die. He will never forsake His people. Jehovah’s council shall always remain: it will never change. From eternity our Sovereign God has willed all things to be, even the trails and sorrows of our lives. He has willed all to the honor and glory of His name. He has given David’s Son, Christ our Saviour, to sit on His throne and be our King. He continually rules over us, all His church, and His handiwork. He is King over the whole creation: the swelling seas, the angry waves, the starry heavens and vast designs. All creation sings forth praises to God who created it. “The heavens shall join in glad accord to praise Thy wondrous works, O Lord.” Our God has done all this. He has created the whole creation to serve His purpose and has created us to live on this earth to glorify His name. To Him alone belongs all the glory, for none can compare to Him. So let us sing with the church of all ages and “proclaim our Maker’s glorious name” and of his faithfulness to us. Sing these words with your heart and may it be a privilege to sing these beautiful songs to our God. ❖