Psalter 160 – Confidence In God

One of my favorite Psalter numbers is #160 which is entitled “Confidence in God”. In this life our only confidence is God. All the earthly joys and pacifiers of this world will not last. They shall all one day fade away. With this in mind, how can we find comfort in them?? Our trust is in our heavenly Father. If we didn’t have anything or anyone in this life, we would still have our Lord. He alone hears our cries. Man cannot truly help or comfort us. Yes, he can encourage and talk with us but God alone brings true comfort. God will hear our voices and prayers no matter where we are, or what circumstances we are in. We can be miles from home and far from anything familiar to us and yet, our only Foundation is always with us! What a comforting thought. This is especially comforting when we are in trouble or amidst trail. It is a blessing to know that in the midst of troubles and trials God will hear us and in Christ we will find refuge. We must also find peace in the fact that even in these troubles and trials, the Lord will use them for our profit. Our trust is in God alone for He knows what is best for us, His children. Christ will be our strength in times of hardship. Nothing earthly can provide us with peace in our souls. When others rise up against us, He will keep us in the hollow of His hand. In this we may be confident, that He shall keep His children in His tender care. Trust in our Sovereign Lord! ❖