Proverbs for Young Pilgrims: The Ants

Proverbs 30:25 “The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer.”

The ants, we learn from vs. 24, are the first of “four things which are little upon the earth, but . . . exceeding wise.” Interesting it is that, in God’s creation, He provided us such a creature as an ant. Pests, are they not? Holy Writ however, instructs us to observe the ways of ants in order that we may develop spiritually.

Tiny creatures, these insects are. One stomp of your foot eliminates several ants as they throng at the opening of their den. The fact that many are on the scene of an ant hill indicates to us that they are a social type of creature.

They live in colonies, they work together, they have a common cause. Yet because of their size, or perhaps lack of size, they are not strong. A small crumb of bread, for example, is sometimes too large for one ant to handle alone.

Working together, a colony of ants can accomplish several objectives. They establish their community. Some types of ants tunnel their way through the earth, for example, which tunnels then become “roads” leading to housing or food storage areas. The “houses” then must be made comfortable and, as our Proverb also suggests, the food storage areas must be filled. The colony understands that it must be prepared for the present and the future, for ahead is winter; preparations must be made.

Striking, is it not, Young Pilgrim, that God has given to us these pesty little creatures for our spiritual profit? Our Proverb maintains that we must pay attention to these miserable little pests for they are wise. (vs. 24)

Do we see our sin and misery when we observe these creatures? Do we see the cross? Do we understand by the example of a colony of ants how we ought to walk in true gratitude to God?

Ants are so small, so insignificant, and such bothersome little beasts. Indeed, wretched we are by nature! On account of our sins against the Most High God, what pests we are! Do we think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think? (Rom. 12:3) Puny, insignificant creatures before our Maker, are we not?

Ants are not strong. But O, Young Pilgrim, how we would stand in our own strength! We do this and we accomplish that. Inclined to all evil, we would rely upon our own strength independent of our Maker. Do we confess as in Job 9:19 “If I speak of strength, lo, He is strong?

Ants are a people. And thanks be to God that in Jesus Christ there is a communion of saints! There is mutual exhortation, encouragement, and edification in the colony. There is work t be done together in the common cause of the Glory of God, and to the praise of His Name.

Ants need food. We, too, need spiritual food. God has given to us His Son, the Word made flesh, Who is the Bread of Life. His crucified body and shed blood is our spiritual food and drink. Through Him we are nourished unto everlasting life.

Ants are prepared. Do we avail ourselves of the utensils provided for us in order that we may be prepared to partake of the nourishment? Ants are not lazy! For them it is work; a flurry of activity surrounds an ant hill. No leisure time, only work. Do you, Young Pilgrim, read spiritual literature, listen to spiritual music, participate in spirit­ual discussions, and commit Scripture to memory?

Ants work in the summer. While there is time, while we have the opportunity, we must prepare! The time comes when it will be too late to work. Read, study, commit to memory the Scriptures. Understand how the life of Christ in you must be revealed in all of your activities. We cannot pursue our pilgrimage with one eye fixed or Mount Zion and the other eye wandering! A colony of weak ants, while there is opportunity, works to maintain its existence.

Young Pilgrim, see the ants.