Proverbs For Young Pilgrims: Declaring Mother Happy

Prov. 31:28a Her children arise up, and call her blessed.


Mothers’ Day! Oh yes, we must get her a card. Without even thinking we have slipped into the commercialism of Mothers’ Day. Strange that the world promotes a Mothers’ Day and we in our ho-hum ways accept it. Strange because only the sanctified in Christ understand the real value of a godly mother.

What are our mothers, Young Pilgrim? What did your mother do? Your mother fed you. Then she cleaned you. Then she “changed” you. Then she clothed you. When you wouldn’t cooperate and sleep at nap time, she patiently rocked you and perhaps softly sang “The Lord is my Shepherd. ” She gave you a cool sponge bath in order to break your fever when you were ill.

Tender woman, your mother!

As you became older she scheduled your orthodontist appointment around her menu planning, laundry, baking, and household chores. Besides, she fit her knitting, mending and shopping activities into your extracurricular events. She took you to your piano lessons and perhaps helped chaperone your outings and class trips.

Busy woman, your mother!

But any good mother does all these things. What did your mother do that made her distinguished from the others? She was your teacher, Young Pilgrim!

She read Bible Stories to you. She helped you memorize your catechism and Sunday School verses. She taught you the songs of Zion. She taught you early to say your prayers. She encouraged spiritual development. She demanded godly behavior. She expected proper godly manners.

Virtuous woman, your mother !

Have you called her blessed, that is, do you declare her happy?

What a response!

This proverb is not a goad, not a prod. This is not an exhortation, nor a command. The response must be spontaneous, coming from the desire of a believing heart which is thankful to our Covenant God for such a gift of His Love: A Mother!

So now, how is this done? How do you go about making this declaration? This is the difficult part. It almost makes you nervous, doesn’t it? You do it so seldom (so do I). After all, she knows. . . , she knows you love her. Young Pilgrim, I ask you, when was the last time you said “Mom, I love YOU”?

Loving woman, your mother!

Do you inquire concerning your mother’s well-being, Young Pilgrim? Yes, I know the rhetorical “Hi, Mom, how are you?” But we are talking now concerning her spiritual well-being. After all. having taught you so much in your early life, (can she still teach you something, or do you now know it all?) and sharing so many spiritual insights with you, what is your response? You must make her feel needed. She still has a desire to share spiritual insights with you. Make her aware of your needs and concerns, your activities, your problems. She needs to know. She wants to share.

Anxious woman, your mother!

When others in your group are registering complaints about their “ole’ ladies” you must speak highly of your mother! Tell them what she has done for you, tell them what she means to you. Tell them what a great mother God has given you. Tell them how thankful to God you are for such a gift of His love. Tell them. . . .

Blessed woman, your mother!

Do things. Do things with your mother.  Do things for your mother. Mold your schedule to include some of her house hold activities. Volunteer your services so she can have a break once in a while. Don’t be selfish about your God given time. Share it with your mother.

Tired woman, your mother!

And Young Pilgrim, walk as a child of Light. Walk in paths of righteousness. Do what your mother has taught you to do. Say what your mother has taught you to say. Think as your mother has taught you to think. From early infancy until now, she has taught you Godliness. By taking heed to her teachings you also arise up and call her blessed.

Happy woman, your mother!