Proud to be P.R.

In order to be proud of something in the true sense I will have to be thoroughly convinced that what I stand for is absolutely right and true. That means that no where in the world are there “truths” more in unity with Scripture than those that I believe in. I haven’t heard nor studied every religion but I think more important than head knowledge for you and I is the conviction of heart given us aside from book learning.

Being born and raised as PR all my life has made it difficult for me and you as young people to understand all we have to be proud of concerning our church. As youth, we have never encountered any opposition in the true sense that could make us stand up and take sides. Those men and women who were aware of the situation of 1924 and 1953 could more easily ay exactly what they have being PR over against any other denomination. They must understand what it means to be assured that the PR truths are the purest in the world. These people had to search for answers to questions and accusations and by God’s grace found them in our Protestant Reformed Churches.

As young people, we have to grow to realize that we don’t accept the teachings of parents and teachers to be true only because this is all we have encountered but remember that God in His infinite love and mercy placed us here so we of all young people might have a strong foundation to build on.

Take time to think of other denominations of churches. Look at the gross inconsistences in these churches with doctrine vs scriptures. We see from Scripture how we are saved of grace alone and that not of ourselves and in the preaching we hear how all have a calling to win the world for Christ. Within denominations you can observe division between conservative and liberal churches.

It is something wonderful to see our denomination preach exactly the same Scriptural truths in the same manner in each church no matter how far removed in traveling distance.

It’s a good feeling to know that by the grace of God the PR church seminary is still producing men that preach the same truths that brought us into existence. It’s assuring to know in these changing times that the Truth always stands secure and unchangeable.

As individuals from generation to generation we have changed. Some of us slide with the times, but for some reason our doctrine and preaching hasn’t slid with us. It has stood the years and proclaimed more forcibly what our calling is as Christians in the PR church. The doctrines of Calvin. The Netherlands Confession and the Canons have brought together and held a church and shown itself in complete unity with the Old and New Testament.

Our instruction is something of beauty. Teachers given to teach in our schools carry in all their subjects the fact that God is in all these studies no matter what the subject. Ministers and elders give of their time to teach their children week after week in catechism and societies until they know exactly what is to be understood with regard to our doctrine and walk in life. It’s on the strength of all this we can be proud of so rich a heritage in our church.