Protestant Reformed Schools a Matter of Confession

That we, being members of the Protestant Reformed Churches, insist on our own Christian Schools is beyond doubt. In this brief article, it is my goal to show why this is indeed the case. I would like to do this by showing that the exis­tence of our own Protestant Reformed Christian schools is a matter of confession.

This is our confession formally in Lord’s Day 38 of the Heidelberg Catechism, which states that God requires by the fourth commandment that “the ministry of the gospel and the – schools be maintained…” Naturally, as a result of this confession, we do indeed maintain our Christian schools as a ministry. It is also our confession that our Christian Schools are maintained by parents rather than the church. This is because God has given the responsibility of child-rearing to the parent. Deuteronomy 6:6,7.

We also confess that God has given our chil­dren to us, not to the state or society in general. Therefore, we do not send our children to the public school where it is unlawful to mention the name of God or Christ but as a curse. We do not send them to the public school where all glory is given to man, the creature, rather than God, the Creator. Because of this confession, we take active control over the teaching of our children in the Christian school. We make sure that the teachers who lead our children into all truth fear God and teach according to His word, the sacred Scriptures. We are diligent to uphold the author­ity of the teacher in our homes, in the presence of our children. As a result, our children know that when they go to school, the teacher is our representative.

It is also our confession that Protestant Reformed Christian Schools are the best means to instruct our covenant children. Because we believe that the doctrines taught by our Protes­tant Reformed Churches are true, we insist that the schools which our children attend will teach those same doctrines. Only if our children attend Protestant Reformed schools, can we rest assured that they will not be taught the wicked doctrines of evolution, common grace, or femi­nism. As we see more and more churches (along with their schools) fall away from the truth of God’s word, the necessity of schools that are dis­tinctly Protestant Reformed will become more and more apparent.

We have much to be thankful for. Our par­ents have worked hard to give us our Christian Schools. God has been pleased to use them as means to raise up His covenant children in His grace. Therefore, let us stand together to ensure that this means of His grace continues through generations to come.