Proposed Scholarship Fund Constitution: Alice Reitsma Memorial

Article I – Name

The name of the committee governed by this constitution shall be:  “The Alice Reitsma Memorial Fund Committee.”


Article II – Purpose

  1. The purpose of the Alice Reitsma Memorial Fund shall be to aid financially those who are attending or planning to attend college to prepare themselves to be either teachers or ministers in the Protestant Reformed Schools and Churches.
  2. The purpose of this committee shall be to recommend worthy applicants to the Federation Board.


Article III – Authority of the Committee

The authority of the committee shall be limited to making recommendations to the Federation Board for their final approval and execution.  The Federation Board however, shall not overrule the recommendations of the Committee without first consulting the Committee.


Article IV – Membership

The committee shall consist of six members appointed by the Federation Board subject to the approval of the Delegate Board.

  1. The constituency of the committee shall include one businessman, one minister, one teacher and three young people, at least one of which shall be a Federation Board member.
  2. Members must be members in full communion of  a Protestant Reformed Church and interested in promoting the teaching and ministerial professions.
  3. The members shall be appointed to staggered six year terms, two members retiring every two years.  The terms shall be set up in such a way that a professional man and one of the young people retire together.
  4. Retiring members may be reappointed.
  5. Young people shall retire at marriage.
  6. If a member is forced to retire before his term is expired, the vacancy shall be filled at the next meeting of the Federation Board.


Article V – Officers

There shall be a President and a Secretary elected every two years by a majority vote of the committee.


  1. The duties of the President shall be:
  2. To call the meetings as often as necessary.
  3. To preside at all meetings.


  1. The duties of the Secretary shall be:
  2. Accurately to record the minutes of each meeting.
  3. Assume responsibility for all the correspondence of the committee.


Article VI – Functions

  1. The committee shall make available application blanks to all interested students.
  2. The committee shall interview all applicants to the Memorial Fund either personally or by letter so as to determine the reality and extent of the applicant’s needs.
  3. The committee shall make its recommendations to the Federation Board by July of each year, so that the Delegate Board can be informed of the recipient of the scholarship.
  4. The committee shall be prepared to submit to the Federation Board particulars on the basis of which its recommendation was reached.
  5. All members shall be present when applicants are considered.


Article VII – Applicants (Limitations and Regulations)

  1. All applicants must be prospective ministers or teachers.
  2. All applications for the following school year must be submitted to the committee by May 1.
  3. Each applicant must fill out an application blank which shall include the following:
  4. A record of his high school and/or college grades.
  5. A recommendation of his consistory.
  6. A bill of health from a reputable physician.
  7. An essay of 300 words on a subject chosen by the committee.
  8. Applicants shall be judged on the basis of sincerity, ability, and need.
  9. Applicants must be either a baptized or confessing member of a Protestant Reformed Church.
  10. Applicants shall attend a college approved by the committee.
  11. Applicants shall promise in writing to repay in full should they refuse to teach or preach in our Protestant Reformed schools or churches.
  12. Married students shall not receive aid.
  13. The scholarship shall be applicable to tuition only.


Article VIII – Amendments

Amendments may be made to this constitution only by a 2/3 vote of the Delegate Board upon recommendation of the Federation Board.