Proposed Agenda for the P.R.Y.P Convention

1) The Federation Board proposes that each delegation give its society’s choice of Bible book to study for the 1966-67 society season, and also give the grounds for this choice.
2) The Federation Board proposes that assessments for the 1965-66 society season be set at $10 per member, $6 of which shall help defray convention expenses, $2 of which shall be appropriated to the Scholarship Fund, and $2 of which shall be given to Beacon Lights.
3) The following officers must be elected for a two-year term:
a. Vice-President
b. Treasurer
c. Assistant Secretary
d. Advisor
4) The Federation Board recommends that the Holland Young People’s Society be accepted as a member in the Federation of Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies.
5) The Federation Board proposes that the following resolution be adopted: We, the Delegate Board, hereby express our desire that the host societies of the conventions explore new means and elaborate on old ones to bring the conventions up to their full social and spiritual potential. We suggest such means as changes in traditional scheduling, debates, discussions, speeches by young people, and any other means the host society and the executive board deem advisable.
1. The tendency that traditional scheduling procedures become inflexible is present and should be avoided.
2. The tendency that conventions lose their high spiritual and social goals is present and should be avoided.
a. The amount of debates, discussions, and other direct involvement by young people has decreased in the past few years.
b. Since those are highly social in character, the social goals have also decreased.
3. The problem is one that can only be dealt with by the host society and especially by the conventioneers themselves.
a. This resolution might help free natural tendencies by host societies to be strictly traditional in scheduling.
b. This resolution might help focus the attention of conventioneers upon the problem and thus help facilitate improvements.
6) The Federation Board proposes that three (3) members be approved for positions on the Scholarship Fund Committee.
7) The Federation Board proposes the following changes in the constitution of the Scholarship Fund:
a. To Article 5-Officers- add “and treasurer” to “president and secretary”. Also add section 3 under “Duties” which shall read as follows: “[the duties of the treasurer shall be]”:
1. To receive and disperse all monies of the Scholarship Fund.
2. To keep accurate account of all monies and to make a detailed annual financial report by June 1 at the committee meeting and in Beacon Lights.
a. To help make the Scholarship Fund Committee more efficient.
b. To eliminate the problem of a lack of co-ordination between the Scholarship Fund and the Federation Board.
b. In Article 6 section 2 “the committee shall determine as much as possible the reality and extent of the applicants’ need” be substituted for “The committee shall interview all applicants for the Scholarship Fund either personally or by letter so as to determine the reality and extent of the applicants’ needs.”
1. Between May 1 and July there is not enough time to interview either personally or by letter all applicants.
2. This greatly simplifies the processing of applications.