Progress Report

On September 15, 1959, a meeting was held at the Southwest Protestant Reformed Church, a meeting undoubtedly destined to play an important part in the history of Protestant

Reformed education.  After those gathered there an inspirational address to Rev. C. Hanko, the chairman recognized a motion on the floor that a Protestant Reformed High School society be organized.  That motion carried and the organizational wheels began to turn.  From the newly drawn up membership list, a constitutional committee was appointed.  By the beginning of March they had completed their work.  All those on the membership list received a copy of the proposed constitution and a letter informing them of the next meeting and the business to be transacted there.

This meeting was held on March 31, again at Southwest church.  After a Psalter number was sung, the chairman pro tempore, Mr. C. Jonker, read Scripture and opened with prayer, Mr. Clarence Kuiper, temporary secretary, read the minutes of the September meeting and called the roll.  Of the 95 charter members, 74 were present.  When an opportunity was given for anyone desiring to become a member, eleven more joined the ranks.

The society began treating the constitution seriatim.  The name of the society was changed from the suggested “Society for Christian Secondary Education” to “Society for Protestant Reformed Secondary Education.”  With several other minor changes being made, the proposed constitution was adopted.  The membership fee was established at $3.00 per year.

From the 18 nominees for board members, John Buiter, Don Lotterman, and Henry Velthouse were elected to three-year terms.  Jay Bomers, Gerrit Bylsma, and Herman Kuiper were chosen to serve for two years.  The three receiving one year terms were Richard Bos, James Lanning, and John Dykstra Jr.  The voting took considerable time as apparently several candidates had a group of strong supporters with each group consisting of an equal number of supporters.  After several ballots, however, the ties were broken.

At last the meeting was adjourned.   A tired, but pleased society sang another song and Rev. Lanting closed with prayer.

Friends of Protestant Reformed education, this high school movement needs your financial, moral, personal support.  Come to our meetings and see a group of men, not “incurable optimists” or “dreamers”, but those who are enthusiastically and realistically facing their calling to bring up the covenant seed, to the utmost of their ability, in the fear of the Lord.  Don’t be among those whose names are conspicuous by their absence from the list of members.