Prodigal Son

 A headstrong son had left his father’s home—

The world he’d see.

The confines of his home were limiting—

“Too dull for me!”

“While I am young and healthy I will roam

And make my way.”

Soon he was living high, with friends galore

Both night and day.

But after he had wasted all his funds

He must take stock;

His “friends” no longer meet him at the door,

They only mock.

So he would work; but jobs are hard to find.

What can he do?

The only task he found was feeding swine

He’s hungry too.

He finally decides to seek his father’s face


Prepared to be a servant at his father’s place,

Contrite was he.

Yet, long before he reached there, father ran

His son to meet.

Forgiveness granted, and he welcomed him

To the best seat.

Was that son worthy to be greeted thus?

No, not at all!

But so our heav’nly Father deals with us

When we too fall.