No matter what your station in life, it seems there are always a “privileged few.” In grade school those privileged ones are the ones who get to help the teacher hand out papers and do those special chores. In high school the privileged ones make the team, get into choir and just get recognition in general. Upon taking your place in the working world, one finds that the “priv­ileged ones” get the raise, the promotion and the credit.

What about the majority of people, “common Joes,” who aren’t so privileged? Well, they probably just sit back and feel like they have it pretty rough, they never get a break. Little by little, jealousy creeps in.

Sound familiar? A natural phenomenon? No, not for the child of Cod. Nobody is “privileged” compared to the elect — for we, the elect, are more privileged than we ever admit to ourselves or allow anyone else to see.

Do you feel privileged? God chose us to be His people — we with no merit in us whatsoever. He chose in his sovereign coun­cil a particular people from out among all the people of the earth. For us to choose Christ would not be such a privilege, but for the all powerful God to choose us! In­deed! What a privilege!

Do you feel privileged when your parents want to know where you are going? God-­fearing parents are a gift from God and parents have cast upon them a great re­sponsibility to rear their children in the fear of the Lord, and they are attempting to fulfill this duty when they ask you where you are going. God chose you to be brought into a Christian home — do not detest that privilege, then, but be glad that God gave you Christian parents who care and love God.

Do you feel privileged when someone asks your church affiliation? Are you thankful to God that you can profess to belong to a church where the Word of God reigns supreme? We are privileged to attend our place of worship twice every Sunday and we can attend catechism under the instruction of a shepherd of Christ in a church which stresses that the youth learn the Truth. Yet we never consider this a privilege. We are almost embarrassed to say we are Protestant Reformed because “it’s so small.” The most privileged crea­tures of God ashamed of their privilege! “My brethren, these things ought not so to be” (James 3:10).

Do you make the most of your privilege by attending society regularly and taking an active part? By taking a healthy in­terest in church affairs? By living out your privilege among your friends?

Most of us have gone to a Christian school for twelve years — for some of us that has been covenant, Protestant Re­formed education! Such a privilege for a child of God — to learn in an environment of other Christians — and we like to over­look it; just not mention where we go to school to save our “name.” Certainly, if we considered this a privilege, we would not be afraid to speak of it!

The “privilege” of being an elect chosen by God the Father will count through eternity! What an unfathomable wonder to be thankful for! Live, then, as one who is “privileged” and remember: “Be ready al­ways to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason for the hope that is in you” (I Peter 3:15).