Pride – Number One in My Life

I woke up this morning. It was a short night. Going to bed late last night, I got only five and a half hours sleep. But, I am awake. I need my shower to get things rolling. Shower should be quite hot. I like it very hot, almost scalding. Better hurry, though, or I might miss my ride to school.

Breakfast is not an option. I never eat breakfast. Once in a while, I grab a glass of juice, but I am not an eggs-n-toast person at all. Hopefully, Mom packed a good lunch for me.

I throw on my jeans and a long-sleeve denim shirt. It’s a deep forest green. I just bought it this past weekend. It looks cool. I look cool. Five minutes is enough time to make sure my hair is alright, my breath doesn’t knock people over, and I’m out the door.

My ride has been waiting a couple of minutes, but I don’t care. I won’t be tardy or anything. I am riding shotgun on this zippy five minute drive, so I do the channel surfing. Great song, but we are almost there.

I walk into school in the middle of devotions. It is a good Christian school. I like it pretty well. I fit in, and I have a lot of friends here. First hour, second hour, break!…

“What do you know? Did you hear?…I can’t believe it…! I saw it too. That was quite something.”

Third hour, fourth hour, fourth hour, still fourth hour…lunch. Missed the prayer, but heard the “Amen.” This is the time to hang around with my friends. We are just a fun-loving bunch, although we get a little bit silly sometimes. None of us drink or smoke. Most of us have never even been to a party. I like this group of friends. We all keep each other company and have fun without getting into trouble. We are good people. It’s a Christian school.

The afternoon is fun today. Normally, I prefer to do cool things in class. School is too boring otherwise. I don’t like boring. But, my parents send me here. It’s OK, I guess. It is a Christian school.

All the basketball and soccer players stick around after school, but not me. With my friends, I head over to the college to work on biology projects. Mine might not be the very best, but it will be awesome. I put a lot of work into it, and it is something I will be very proud of. I cannot stick around very long, though. I have to be at work by 5:00.

Like the rest of my day, work isn’t so bad either. It just kind of goes. It is nice to make friends from some of the other area high schools. I cannot believe some of the things that go on in their schools! I am glad I go to a Christian school.

Punch out, drive home. It is my mom’s car (station change!). Once home, I stuff down a frozen pizza, finish my homework, and head to bed. By the time I have showered and brushed my teeth, I realize how exhausted I am. I am ready to fall asleep right when my head hits the pillow. “Tomorrow is another…,” I think to myself when a thought crosses my mind and makes my blood run cold. Ashamed, I ask:

Did I just go through an entire day, in sinful pride, thinking that I don’t need God for anything? Uhhh…that’s going to be a problem. Who is number one in my life?


Lord most holy and Father in heaven,

Thy name is to be praised for all the works I see around me and inside my heart. For Jesus sake, be merciful unto me and forgive me for my faithless pride. Such pride dishonors Thy name and hurts the health of my church family. Help me to forgive those who hurt me with their pride. Be near me in all things, Father. After all, not my will, but Thine. Grant me grace, strength, and wisdom for tomorrow. And when tomorrow is done, teach me to come again to Thy presence to render thanks for such blessings. This is my prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen. ❖