Prayer, true prayer is our means of expression to God, by which we can show our gratitude to him for sending his son Jesus Christ. Likewise, through prayer we show our sorrow to Him for our sins. We, as the redeemed, come before God in humbleness, humble in the presence of a father who is everything while we are nothing in ourselves. Prayer is beautiful. We do not pray to God out of fear but out of love, both because we want to and because we have to.

What bothers me is the approach of the intellectuals and others who are leaving the “King’s English” (Thee, Thou, Thy, etc) and converting to the current you and your. I find with this change there is also a use of mod expressions in prayers such as “Lord, make us come alive” and “Lord, please give us a kick in the pants,” both of them referring to a student’s duty to God and his studies.

When listening to prayers like that, I feel as if I was talking to a doctor and asking him for a shot of thyroxin, or asking the grocer for a bottle of Pepsi. In using such common everyday language, prayer is depicted as if one person is talking to another on an even level, while we are really approaching a great and majestic God, whom we of ourselves have no right to approach. Tradition has made the words Thee and Thou sacred and respected and I feel this also applies to our addressing of God. Therefore let us come before God in humbleness and not in the pride of our own strength.