• Read James 5:13–20


  • Idea of Prayer
    • What is prayer?
    • Who can pray? (John 9:31)
    • Why pray when God knows everything already? Does prayer actually change things?


  • Necessity of Prayer
    • Is prayer important? Why so?  (Psalm 50:14–15)
    • Why must we pray for each other? James 5.


  • If prayer is so important, why do we find it so difficult to pray regularly and genuinely? (1 John 1:8–9)


  • Improving Our Prayers
    • What are some weaknesses in our prayers?
    • What things can we do to have a more regular, genuine, prayer-life?
    • What specific ways can we praise and thank God?
    • That specific petitions for ourselves ought to be included in our prayers? (1 Peter3:7).
    • It is relatively easy to pray for ourselves, our family, and our friends. But how can we improve in our prayers for the world-wide church? (Ps. 122:6; Eph 1:16–17)