Point Them to the Gospel and Jesus

The Bible is a good thing to read and study. However, for a person who has never opened one, the length of it may be daunting. When you run across this person at work or school, it would be a good thing for you to point out certain passages. Beginning at Genesis 1:1 and ending in Revelation would not hurt. After all, God’s grace is powerful through His Word. The means of grace is the preaching of that Word. However, a concise overview is a valuable start for someone yet to understand the full gospel, but who still wants to know, ‘Why am I me, and why am I here?’

When a teenager is struggling with the tough questions of life, point them to the gospel and Jesus. Only through Jesus Christ will God work in the heart and save sinners. The following is a brief overview that might be good to use for such an outreach—you reaching out to someone who does not know God in his or her heart. Designed to be an evangelistic tool, this brief piece is based solely on the Word of God. Reach out and tell those around you about your God. And pray for His church— wherever, whomever, whenever.

Misery: (or, “There is no relief unless you see that you need it.”)

* Read: Exodus 20: 1-17 and Matthew 22: 34-40.

We’ll start with a familiar passage. Think it through. For example, you may not commit out­ward adultery and murder, but do you “think” adulterous thoughts or quietly hate others? If you do not love your neighbors, you hate them. You desire to crush them in your pride, because first of all, you hate God. Of course, I am just as guilty as the next guy. But, regardless, this is the law we must live up to, yet none of us do—we all deserve eternal hell! We’re born unable to obey. (Incidentally, the way to check this and the way to read the Bible is to check and double check with other passages. The beautiful cohesiveness and lack of contradictions might tell you something special about the Word of God.) So, let’s check some.

* Read: Psalm 14: 1-3. What does this tell you?

* Read: II Samuel 12: 1-13. How about verse 7? You and I are also “that man”.

Finding Answers / Comforting Relief!!!

* Read: Luke 6: 30-32. Listen to whom Christ came for. Self-righteous, “holy” men? I don’t think so.

* Read: Ephesians 2: 7-10. You are a bright individual. You figure it out. What if verses 8-9 were false? …if it was by our own strength and goodness. All the logic of it would fall apart. Everything you found above about misery would be nonsense.

* Read: John 14: 15-19. Beautiful verses.

If Father in heaven has not worked in my heart, I cannot repent. But, if my heart is changed by the work of the Spirit of God, I can’t help but feel broken, sorry, and repentant. Because the Lord First loved me, I cannot help but seek mercy and forgiveness with my whole being, my whole life.

Why He has chosen you or me is a mystery to us finite-minded creatures. Nobody deserves it in the first place.

* Read: Acts 16: 19-32. Repent!

* Read: Psalm 34. Key on 6-9, 15-19. A heart- wrenching psalm. Does Father in heaven love a contrite (sorry, broken) soul who is lost, looking for help and answers? Let’s just say if the answer is no, then I have nothing to live for.

People Just Like You (or, “They probably had the same questions”).

* Read: John 8: 1-11. Great story—one of my favorites.

* Read: Luke 17: 11-19. One outcast individual. Not only was his body healed; his heart was changed! He had to come back and thank Jesus Christ.

* Read: Mark 5: 25-34. Last passage. I simply wanted to point out a few helpful ones.

Touch the hem, repent … by faith . . . and what is promised to you? Nothing short of eternal life. The Lord gave all these people grace and mercy to live thankfully, conscious of forgiveness and salvation through Christ. Thankful for deliverance from the bondage of the law.

Freed from bondage, from misery. This goes right back to where we started in the Ten Com­mandments! It all fits!!!

Other Questions the Bible Can Answer:

* Why am I me?

* Why do people have all different opinions, even different versions of the Bible?

* What is the whole point of God’s eternal plan? … of us even being here?

* Is this for real? Could it be some cruel joke? Is this why we’re here?

* What exactly is the Bible?

* Who are Christians? What do they do?

* What if I choose to ignore these Bible readings? Not repent. Not be comforted. (Eventually, I’ll insist that you read about this in Pilgrim’s Progress—a terrific allegory, tough enough to challenge your sharp mind.)


Dear _____Name__________

If I lived how I want to by nature, I would be telling the Almighty God of heaven and earth that I know better than He. I have a better way, so I will take responsibility for my own actions. Yeah, right! Say that to the God of heaven and earth at Judgment. At the end of time it will be infinitely better for me to say, ‘Christ lives in me. He has taken up that responsibility and has paid in full with His blood.’

So, my whole life now is caught up with heavenly things, rather than earthly. And if you do not realize that worldly pleasures are worthless, ask a dying man what he is taking with him. Then come to the cross and repent with me.

In Christian love,

your name here


Some letter like this might be a good introduction to the truths of the Word of God. Much can be added later, and further questions answered. This was intended to be short and sweet. Use it if you can as a witnessing tool. Not only sign your name to it, but do not forget to pray for God’s people in whom His Spirit has not yet worked.

No matter what type of broken family or pitiful “church” background they come from, they will have one thing going for them: your prayers on their behalf, directly to the God of justice, grace, and mercy. May God bless His Church with the understanding of His Word in their hearts.


Tom is a member of Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church in Hudsonville, Michigan