Perfect Peace

Peace is something every person wants; every community in every nation wants peace.  The whole world is crying for peace, peace for all mankind.  They cry until there is no voice left in their mouths.  But the world cries in vain for peace, because they will never receive it.  They have the wrong idea of peace.  The peace that the world desires is freedom from the laws that God has placed over them.  They want to be free from a God who will damn them in His just judgment.  Instead, the world wants a God that they have made themselves, one who will let them live in sin without paying the consequences for that sin.

The world has made this “new” God and has done so by doing the direct opposite of what the Word of God has told them to do.  The Bible tells them that homosexuality is wrong; they condone it.  The Bible tells them that the woman must submit to her husband; they press women’s rights.  The Bible tells them that murder is wrong; they allow million of abortions a year to take place.  And the list could go on to eternity.  They do exactly what God has told them not to do and yet they still think that they are going to find peace.  It’s absurd!

The world’s making of a “new” God has found its way into the church also.  The church has picked up on the world’s many changes of God’s law.  For example:  many churches are allowing homosexuals to become ministers, and women to hold church offices.  Most churches condone divorce and remarriage and many agree with abortion.  Churches are making changes in their worship services also.  Doctrine is thrown to the birds and special numbers from choirs and discussion groups take its place.  This is all done to make the youth, the new generation of the church, happy, so that they will come to church.  The churches that do this want to make everyone happy, satisfy every member, and in the meantime keep an outward appearance of peace.  But they won’t be experiencing true peace, for God tells us in Jeremiah 6:13-17 that such as follow their own devices, instead of God’s laws, will fall and be cast down.

God also tells us in this text how one does experience true peace.  Follow the old paths!  Christ is telling us here to forsake the new ways of the world and to obey the laws that God hath given us in His holy Word.  Not only must we ourselves walk in the old paths, but we must make sure our children are taught to walk in them also.  And that is the awesome responsibility of the teachers in our Christian schools.  Without covenant teachers to continue teaching the children of the covenant the right way, the old paths that we were taught in, our denomination will go down the road of apostasy and never return.  We must stress to these children constantly that the only way to experience true peace is through obedience of God’s laws and through the faithful preaching of sound doctrine.  We must stress also that every one of the old paths must be followed.  If we abandon one of the old paths and instead start out on a new path, that is the beginning of apostasy.  Very soon we will be abandoning other paths which are in close association with the first path.  The end result is a church which is thoroughly rotten with apostasy.  All of the paths must be followed:  all of God’s laws must be obeyed!  Then only will we find true peace with God.  God isn’t promising here in Jeremiah a life free from all anxiety and troubles, for that isn’t possible in this life.  But we pray daily for that ultimate peace, the peace which we will have for eternity, when Christ shall come again on the clouds of glory.