Overflowing the Well

(The talents of the Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church)

One walks in the room and what do they see?
Ordinary people, You and Me.
But take a moment and really look,
And you’ll see more than could fit in a book.

Faces with stories, hundreds to tell.
People with talents overflowing the well.
They all have a purpose in this world to fulfill.
People in my church doing God’s will.

On the Bishop family we all lean,
For every Sunday our church is clean.
Three beautiful daughters and loving parents too,
Brad and Trisha’s family in the covenant continue.

For six and a half years we’ve been welcome here.
The Bruinsma family gives thanks sincere.
Bertha Dusseljee makes up a large part.
Through her life God was always in her heart.

If ever you’re bored, with no place to go,
Call Feenstra’s, you’ll have a good time, I know.
Millie we all hold dear to our souls,
With her positive humor she brings joy to the fold.

The Daniel Kiel family is always sharing,
Even now for Deb’s parents, they are caring.
Henry and Murial make us all proud,
With their children of the covenant standing round.

Sandy Kiel is a good friend to all.
Our “church aunt” is what she is called.
When sick, the Tom Kiel family expect.
A needy heart they can always detect.

George Moerman makes us wait and pray,
For the kingdom that waits us comes closer each day.
When you’re in a pinch with no time to spare,
Larry and Sandy with loving help will be there.

Rob and Judy have a special gift,
Their kindness makes our spirits lift.
Communion of saints is always a need,
One that Alice Nederhood is sure to feed.

Kevin Philips is the new face we see.
New growth—which is always exciting to me!
Gwen beautifully plays the organ while Dave collects funds,
These gifts are what makes the church run.

Berdena, to the church how faithful are you,
A God-fearing member your whole life through.
Steenholdts are valued for more than we know,
On many books and pamphlets his handiwork will show.

Elaine is always close at heart,
Writing letters and recipes to perform her part.
Jon and Janis are newlyweds you know,
Reminding us why we love marriage so.

VanDyks shine forth God’s love in their lives,
For to reach the mark they always strive.
Nate and Tracy with two sons of their own,
Working to build a covenant home.

Verbeeks are ready with a card or a prayer,
Always remembering to see how we fair.
When picking up a bulletin each week
To the Wheelers your thanks you should speak.

Our talents are more than my words could say.
This is why I am thankful each day.
God has given me a chance to see
How wonderful communion of saints can be.

When I walk in this room, what do I see?
Not ordinary people, How could that be?
I see God’s love shining ever so bright
In each and every face in this room tonight.