Out of the Earth

Out of The Earth – r.h.
E. M. Blauklock – Eerdmans – 92 pp. – $2.00

This book is evidence of the value and virtue of Christian scientific investigation. Archaeology, which is the study of past human life as revealed by artifacts and writings of ancient people, is the content of this book – especially as it relates to the New Testament of the Bible. This book gives “naturalistic” evidence for the historical accuracy of the Bible. Archaeology and the Birth of Christ, Archaeology and the Saying of Christ, Archaeology and the Death and Resurrection of Christ, Archaeology and the Apocalypse are examples of the many fine topics discussed in this book.

Professor Blaiklock, M.A., LITT.D., is a professor of Classics at the University of Aukland, New Zealand. He is a scholar of high competence who is a frequent contributor to respected, scholarly periodicals.

It was indeed a pure joy to read this book and a purer joy to appraise it for recommendation to others. The reviewer voted unanimously to recommend this book to all who take an interest in their own spiritual and intellectual growth. For it is written for all to read and understand. The book scores high in readability; its style holds the attention of high school students as well as the sophisticated intellectual.

This is a revised and enlarged edition. Every chapter has been revised and expanded. New chapters have been added. If you had the opportunity to read it before, read this edition also for it is even more valuable and fascinating.