Our Father Cares

At times like this when we have trials to bear,
Let’s turn to His Word and find comfort there.
There is no burden which He does not share.
Our Father cares.

Our Father has called us to be His own.
He has given faith—changed hearts of stone,
And has sent His Son our sins to atone.
Our Father cares.

Throughout life’s journey He is by our side;
By His council He will continually guide.
And sustain in temptation when we are tried.
Our Father cares.

If in dark times we might despair of His grace,
We will seek Him in prayer—our doubts He’ll erase
And our spirits renew that our mouths may show praise.
Our Father cares.

Then we walk in faith and in courage bold
For His everlasting arms doth uphold.
Unto Him be the praise and glory untold.
Oh yes! Our Father cares.