Our Editor Has Resigned

Due to his recent graduation from our Protestant Reformed Seminary, his announced candidacy for the ministry, and with no real idea as to where the future might bring him, Robert Decker made known his intention of resigning as editor-in-chief of Beacon Lights. Although his resignation had been anticipated and came as no surprise to the staff—he gave us fair warning early in the year—we are sorry that he must leave us so soon. We, as the staff of Beacon Lights, might feel our individual regrets at his going but collectively we rejoice with him as he has successfully terminated his many years of formal education and study.

The staff wishes at this time to congratulate him on his graduation from the seminary, and our prayer is that the Lord will bless him and his family in all of his labors and endeavors which lie ahead as a minster of the Word of God. We are losing an editor, but, on the other hand, we have gained another much needed pastor.

We are grateful for the opportunity that we have had to work with Bob and cannot but recall the many difficulties and problems which we have together faced. On occasion these problems seemed insurmountable and beyond solution but with God’s guidance, Bob’s leadership, prayer, and hard work most of them disappeared almost as though they were but a fatuation of the imagination. His job—as almost all editors will agree-was very often a thankless job bringing but few rewards; but, nonetheless, a number of noteworthy accomplishments were achieved while he was our editor. First of all, largely through his efforts, Beacon Lights is now mailed every month on time. Secondly, Beacon Lights, during his tenure in office, maintained a high degree of proficiency and competence. And, thirdly, the editorials which he penned were instructive, appropriate, clear, concise and to the point. Bob gave much of his time to Beacon Lights when in reality he had very little to spare for anything other than his studies. The staff will surely miss him as editor.

Our new editor, Mr. Darrel Huisken, is presently learning the strings connected to direction Beacon Lights and our hope is that he will soon have them fully under control.

The Beacon Lights Staff
John Kalsbeek, Managing Editor