Our Earthly Responsibility: The Care Christ Took of His Dear Mother

Christ sets a shining example for us in a few simple words while He was dying on the cross.  “Son, behold thy mother.  Woman, behold thy son” is the 3rd cross word, but it probably is the most important.  It shows Christ not only as a spiritual being but also as an earthly being.

Since Joseph had most likely been dead for a few years and Christ had accepted the responsibility of providing for his poor mother, Christ takes further responsibility to find someone to take care of her.  Seeing His beloved disciple standing near His cross He appoints John as the provider.  After the other disciple had forsaken Christ and fled, John did not.  Christ knew that he would be faithful to Mary even as he had been to Christ.  And notice John does not forsake his calling.  He takes Mary home—to his house—and provided for her, even though he probably had a family of his own.

Another aspect of this cross word is Christ’s physical state.  While he was working on the cross, and he was working—tremendously hard—He never was taken up in so much pain as to forget His mother.  In other words, He never disregarded His earthly calling.  If He would have, Christ would have sinned.

Besides, what would His mother do?  Become a beggar?  Mary could not get a job, being the mother of this Jesus, who called Himself God.  The one who could not even save Himself off the cross, yet He saved others.  Christ had no estate.  He owned no silver or gold, and His clothes had been seized by the soldiers.

Still another aspect is when Christ calls Mary His mother, woman.  Not out of disrespect but out of compassion.  Mary had seen how Christ was the Son of God and not truly her son.  By calling her woman He only proved the fact that His kingdom is not of this earth, but an heavenly kingdom.

Proverbs 23:22 sums up what I am trying to say very nicely.  “Hearken unto thy father that begat thee, and despise not thy mother when she is old.”

In conclusion I would like to say that we should not shove off our earthly duties as if we don’t care.  We must take responsibility in whatever circumstances God has placed us—no matter what the suffering will be.