Open Letter

Dear Young People,

It is late in the night and very quiet after the unwinding of another busy day. But regardless of the time, I would like to sit down and talk with all of you.

Very often you are told and reminded that what you are doing, you should not be doing. What you say, you should not be saying, and you don’t say what you should be saying. Young people, I’m not here for those reasons. I want to sit down and share some other important thoughts with you.

I want you to be aware of my appreciation for all the hard work I see taking place. I am impressed with the amount of time you put into the monthly singspirations. I know that it requires much work, time, and thought on your part. I see you striving for creativeness and originality in these events.

I am overwhelmed too, by the intense amount of effort you put forth in organizing an annual PRYPC. I have had opportunities in viewing this while spending those times with you. I realize that planning a successful convention takes an incredible amount of energy. These conventions also offered me an opportunity to meet many of you and learn more about you. You expressed sincere care and concern about many aspects of your lives both in regards to the present and also to the future. The participation, attention, and interest at these events were commendable and the experience indeed a pleasant one. At times, your enthusiasm almost seemed inexhaustible!

I also feel you deserve a public note of thanks for the monthly printing of this magazine, The Beacon Lights. From personal past experience, I am acquainted with what a time-consuming project this is. It can be very difficult, frustrating, and yes, somewhat unrewarding. Finding topics and authors to write the proposed articles is not a simple, quick, or easy task. I realize also that not only must you perform in accordance with a schedule, but you also depend on many others to meet with your schedule. If the schedule is not met, it poses another problem for you.

Throughout the entire year, I also have observed and read about countless activities being sponsored by both our individual societies and also by the Federation Board. That too, demands work and organization. And, at the same time, it offers a healthy means of communication between one another. In regard to all of this, I would like to mention the positive feeling it brings to find such an exchange of concern shown. It is encouraging to see you working together, sharing your happiness, and being a supportive system for each other during the trials and troubles that you encounter. I hope you protect, cherish, and continue to develop these delicate qualities because they are of significant spiritual value!

I wonder if perhaps we as adults are too eager to expound on our own negative feelings and as a result we do not offer enough positive reinforcement. We often leave compliments and expressions of thanks unsaid. I do believe and must confess that at times we tend to underestimate the credibility that you deserve. These are jobs well done and I personally encourage you to keep up the good work. You truly are a fine group of young people and you are greatly appreciated. In conclusion, I ask that you please except my apologies for this letter which has been so long overdue.


Thank You Kindly,