On the Convention Road

Little needs to be added in the way of motivating young people to attend the 1961 Convention.  The veterans of many Conventions will attend with the enthusiasm born and nourished by past Conventions.  The new recruits have the allurement of a Convention in Colorado and a week’s vacation for approximately $10.00 (less for a delegate).  Already, reservations have filled the fifty-passenger coach and not a few are making plans to attend  by car.

Those who attend to travel via the arrangements of the Federation Board should take note of the following, somewhat tentative, plan.  Monday morning, August 21, at 9:00 a.m., they are to meet at the First Protestant Reformed Church.  From there they will travel to South Holland, Illinois, by car.  Some parents have indicated their willingness to transport the young people to South Holland.  Those who are willing should contact Lam Lubbers very soon.  Young people who have cars should also make arrangements with Lam.  These cars can be parked in the South Holland church yard until we return from Loveland sometime Saturday morning, August 26.  Cars will again be needed for the return trip to Grand Rapids on August 26.  Thus, we will need more volunteers to return the conventioneers.  The ideal set-up would be that enough young people drive cars to South Holland to accommodate the fifty young people without the additional help of parents.  However, this is not likely to be the case.  Some ten or twelve cars are demanded.  The expense for this travel will be an additional obligation of the participating young people but will be far less than the cost of a chartered bus.

Upon arrival in South Holland, we will be furnished a meal by women of the South Holland Church.  Then on to the depot where we take the Burlington Zephyr to Denver.  Arrangements from this point on are the responsibility of the Loveland Society.

Unofficial reports have it that the train leaves Chicago at 4:30 p.m., Monday afternoon, August 21, and arrives in Denver 9:00 the next morning.  Any and all meals on the train are at individual expense and, as rumor has it, considerable expense.

Since whoever misses the train misses the Convention, drivers of the cars to South Holland will be asked to meet periodically along the way for checking purposes.

Only those who have made reservations with Lam Lubbers or Dave Ondersma will be honored at the depot and they should pay their ticket-fare before leaving for Chicago.  All who intend to go by train are asked to deposit $5.00 with Lam Lubbers at once to demonstrate the sincerity of their intention since there are some who desire to obtain reservations but can no longer do so.

A word to the wise:  the Burlington Zephyr, though not exclusively for the tuxedo-clad, is scarcely compatible with Bermudas.  The entire train is at our disposal but also at the disposal of everyone else.

For up to the minute information about the Convention call Lammert Lubbers.