Oak Lawn Y. P. Society

Although we are few in number, (our society consists of twelve members), we do heartily enjoy our meetings.  We meet on Sunday evenings with Rev. Gritters as our president.  We open with the singing of a few Psalter numbers after which Rev. Gritters opens with prayer.  Then follows discussion of the Bible.  At present, we are treating the book of Mark.  We generally cover about ten to fifteen verses in one evening, which makes it more interesting and also easier to understand.  We study these verses for at least a half hour.  Various of the members take part in the discussion so that there is usually a lively treatment of the Bible passage.  This aids us in a better understanding of the meaning of the words we are treating.

At the present time members take it upon themselves to conduct the discussion of the passage which we treat for the evening.  This proves rather interesting.  This also gives everyone some actual practice in conducting a meeting or a discussion of the Word and this is beneficial.  So far, all the members have taken their part when their turn came.

After the Bible discussion, the minutes of the previous meeting are read and if there is anything that requires treatment the usual routine of business follows.  Then the dues for the week are collected.

Following this, a program is rendered in which at least three of the members take part.  The programs consist of all different subjects, such as: debates, literary criticism, current events, essays, recitations, music, round table discussion and many others in which the entire society takes part in discussing one another’s papers, asking questions, criticizing, agreeing or disagreeing which makes it very interesting.  So that by the time discussion is over, everybody knows what is right or wrong.

About a year ago, we started a library.  Among the books are: The Formative Years of Martin Luther, the Life of John Calvin, some of Hutchen’s books, commentaries, Rev. Hoeksema’s book on Whosoever Will.  We are still adding to the library.  Once in a while we take a collection for it.  As each member has a birthday, he donates two dollars toward the general library fund and thus the shelves fill up.

Twice a year we have a combined meeting with the South Holland Young People’s Society.

After the program, we usually sing a Psalter number and one of the young men closes with a word of prayer.