Now and Then

Many people can imagine what it was like a hundred years ago but how many can actually say, “I can tell you exactly what it was like a hundred years ago.” Among the few that can is Jessica Grassmid who turned 100 on February 29, 1997.

Jessica was born of Peter and Susie Feenstra who were the first people of her family line, along with her grandpa, Pieter Feenstra, to immigrate from Armundem, Netherlands to America.

In America her parents bought a farm in Grand Rapids where they raised eleven children. “I grew up in a good christian home where we all worked together to make ends meet,” said Jessica.

Growing up on the farm wasn’t easy for Jessica and her family. “America at that time wasn’t like it is today. We had no modern convenience like today. We made everything we owned and we raised everything we ate,” said Jessica.

Today technology has made the world easier and more powerful in every aspect of life. “Through the hundred years I have been on this earth, I have seen the world change considerably in its inventions and technology. The world is slowly advancing its way to its own destruction,” says Jessica.

There is something that Jessica has seen through her hundred years on the earth that amazes her more that the magnificent power of the world and its technology. “I have seen God’s glory and power manifested on the earth throughout time, and this is the most magnificent thing anyone will ever see.”