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Not a Joke at All

A geography teacher once asked her class: “What is the shape of the world?”

One little fellow quickly raised his hand, replying: “My father said it is in the worst shape that it has ever been!”

‘Tis a joke. However, the reply of the little fellow was no joke at all! His answer was ‘more truth than poetry”. And it certainly gave rise to serious thought. Undoubtedly we are living in very serious times, and this world is in the worst shape that it has ever been.

A terrible war has been concluded, and yet there is war and rumors of war. There is inflation, and talk of the inflation to come. Men unable hardly to cope with the present crime look up against the post-war crime wave. With men out of combat “red tape” in the government’s national and international affairs, men talk about building warehouses for storage of the super-abundance of “red tape”. Men are concerned about the many homeless children in war devastated Europe and other paces, while there is even more concern about the prospect of millions more of homeless children in our country because of the sharp increase in divorces. In Iowa “the fairest state in all the West”, for each million spent annually for education, seven million is spent on intoxicating liquors.

Yes, corruption abounds. Wickedness increases by leaps and bounds. The signs of the times multiply. The end of all things is drawing nearer and nearer. Things are fast taking place in preparation for the unleashing of Satan so that he may deceive the nations. Unrest, confusion, and turmoil prevail.

The world is indeed in the worst shape ever. The battle between righteousness and unrighteousness rages more furiously, with the promise of greater fury. It becomes harder and harder to say: No, to the world and the temptations of the world and the temptations of the world round about us.

The measure of iniquity is fast being fulfilled. The call is to watchfulness and sobriety. The password is faith, the gift of God. The watch-word is faithfulness. The command is to press forward toward the high mark of our calling in Christ Jesus. The morale-lifter is the assurance of Victory. The reward is Life Everlasting, viz., the blessed covenant life of perfection.

“Tis no joke at all! ‘Tis a reminder to be serious!