News from Young People’s Societies

Edgerton Young People’s Society


The Edgerton Young Peoples Society is a small society consisting of six members, led by Rev. Slopsema. We meet from week to week on Sunday afternoons to discuss God’s Word. Currently, we are studying the Book of Matthew. On the first Sunday of every month, the Young Peoples study, a certain topic and find proof texts for that topic. After we all have proof texts, we keep them in a file for easy reference when needed.

The Edgerton Society is small, yet plans a lot of activities. We try to prepare one activity per month. These activities are held either with just the society and president, with the whole church, or with the Doon and Hull Societies.

The Edgerton Society annually spon­sors a Christmas Singspiration. The Doon, Hull, and Edgerton Congregations get together and praise God through our singing.

Some activities of our society in the past are: a sports night in a local gym, a “fun night” in Sioux Falls attended by just the Society where we attended an amusement center, a rollerskating party, and a “mystery” supper; to mention just a few.

In the future, the Y.P.S. plans to have a bonfire and roast hot dogs, and soup supper with profits toward the convention.

There is a close fellowship in our society as we meet and discuss God’s Word. We enjoy this fellowship and praise God through it.



Southeast Young Peoples Society


We started our society season with our first meeting beginning on October 16, 1977. We accepted 10 new members this year making a total of 26 members in all.

Mr. T. Pipe was chosen to be our society leader and we decided to study I and II Peter for Bible discussion.

Kevin Bos was the elected President for the year with Doug VanDenBerg as Vice-President, Kathi VanDenBerg as secretary, Steve Meulenberg as treasurer and Grace Faber as Vice-sec.-treas.

We only had one money raising project this year which was our Annual Potluck Supper held on April 27.

Now that our society season is over for the year we look forward to the upcoming convention where once again we can come together in Christian fellowship with our Lord.