News from Young Peoples’ Societies


The Hull Young Peoples’ Society


Our meetings start at 7:15 on Sunday evenings. We begin by singing Psalter numbers, followed by prayer led by our President, Rev. M. Hoeksema. Following this the minutes were read and business was taken care of. This past year we continued to discuss the book of Revela­tion. Being this book is hard to under­stand, Rev. Hoeksema led the discussions each week.

The last Sunday of each month was reserved for a special topic discussion. We discussed such topics as movies, Reformed Doctrine differences, and mercy killing.

After Bible discussions, an appointed song-leader led us in singing and in

closing prayer.

For outings during the year, we had a hayride, and skating party with our Doon and Edgerton Young People’s Societies. We also sponsored an annual Spring Banquet. Each year we sponsor a fund-raising Soup Supper for the conven­tion. We also held a Singspiration for the cause of this year’s convention.

Our society meetings adjourned in April so we held three outings to keep our society active during the summer months.

We thank God that we have the opportunity to meet as Christian Young People to study His Word. We pray that He will continue to bless us as a society so we may praise Him in all that we do.