News From Young Peoples’ Societies

First Senior Young Peoples’ Society


The Sr. Society of First Church meets every Sunday at 4:15. Bible discussion, led by our leader, Eric Ophoff, lasts 45 minutes. We started the year off by studying the Book of Daniel. Towards the end of the book, the visions of Daniel became harder to understand. About a few weeks before the end of the society season, we began studying Ephesians.

We have a recess of 15 minutes and then members of the society for after recess programs make papers on practical topics and we discuss them for about one half hour. Once a month, Joe Dykstra, our president, leads a business meeting where we discuss activities to be held during the year. Our society consists of 15 members.

The project we spend most of our time on is called PROJECT JAMAICA. This project was started when Mr. Clare Prince approached our society with this idea which involves many small projects. The society members recorded on tape for the young people in Jamaica. We told them a little bit about ourselves so they can better understand our way of life. By this we hope to start a tape correspondence with them. We enlisted the help of Doug Pastoor to produce the tape.

For this project, the society divided into committees. The Tape Committee made the format for the tape and produced six of them to be sent to the different churches in Jamaica. The Clothing Committee had a clothing drive for the Jamaican people in each of the local churches, and are now in the process of packaging and sending the clothes to Jamaica. Our Program Committee takes care of scheduling programs at the Grand Rapids area churches showing the pictures of Jamaica by Rey. Woudenberg and Mr. Prince. A collection is taken at each of these programs for PROJECT JAMAICA. Our society is working hard and having a good time doing PROJECT JAMAICA.



First Junior Young Peoples’ Society


As another society season comes to an end, the First Jr. Young Peoples Society looks back at a busy but very enjoyable year. We gather each Sunday afternoon at 4:15 in the church basement. Each meeting begins by singing one Psalter number which is chosen by the leader, and he opens with prayer. Then we continue on studying the Book of Hebrews.

Each time we come to a new chapter in Hebrews, someone volunteers to make an outline on the chapter. This helps us to understand the book of Hebrews a lot more. We have two Bible leaders, Mr. Harry Rutgers and Dr. Dwight Monsma, who take turns each week in leading Bible Discussion. After Bible Discussion, for after recess, we do one of four things. First, we discuss a topic from the discussion group papers. Secondly, on the first Sunday of the month we meet with the Senior Society for a combined business meeting. Thirdly, on the third Sunday of the month we meet with the Senior Society and we sing Psalter numbers and hymns. Fourthly, we meet with the other societies from our churches about once a month.

We’ve also kept busy preparing for various activities. On December 28, the Junior Society put together a pizza party at Hope School after the alumni game for anybody who wanted to come. Also during our Spring vacation, the Junior and Senior Societies put together an Easter coffee for all the older people of our Church. It was held in the basement of First Church. We also held a program for our Church to show pictures of Jamaica. It was put on by Mr. Prince and Rev. Woudenberg. We also had a collection in which the money would go to the convention. We collected $397.64.

Officers of our society are as follows: Mark Ophoff is the President, Randy Vander Veen is the Vice-President, Nancy Looyenga is the Secretary and Linda Newhof is the Treasurer. Our society is made up of 24 members.

As another year goes by we can truly say that the Lord has been with us as a society and we ask that He be with us at all times as we go about our lives.



Redlands Young People’s Society


With twenty-seven members, Red­lands had one of its largest societies this year. Under the helpful guidance of Rev. Kortering, we met each Sunday morning after church to study the latter portion of Revelation, and later started I Corinthians Although Revelation took more work to study than some other books of the Bible, it was well worth the effort. We were amazed at how directly both Revelation and Corinthians applied to our lives. Often we desire a guide to the future and to our day to day problems; what a comfort to know that it is always there for us in God’s Word!

Our society kept very active this year. With the special goal of a convention in California, fund raising activities took on a renewed pep. Singspirations, skating parties, stationary sales, suppers, and weekly collections boosted our newly established Convention 79 savings account and took care of down payment on a fantastic camp. Plus, we tried a new project: a Bike-a-thon. It was a great success both financially and for all those trying to get in shape (or to get sore muscles!) We highly recommend it.

The Young People turned their interest from convention plans long enough to remember the more important members of our church – yes, our Senior Citizens. At Christmas, we enjoyed our annual caroling and basket distribution. This spring, we tried something new. We gave a Golden Age Breakfast with young and old enjoying the fellowship and devotions which accompanied some good food.

What else made up the year? There were topics for discussion such as: Music, dancing, and Sunday observance. We had Convention Steering Committee meetings where more than once we thought the whole thing (convention) was off! And skating parties where we barely broke even, but sure had a good time! All in all it was a good year. We thank the Lord for the blessings He has shown us, and pray for His continued guidance.



Southwest Junior Young People’s Society


Our society season began on October 2, 1977. We elected Mr. D. Alsum for president, Mr. J. Zandstra for vice ­president, Steve Groenendyk for vice-all, Diane Kuiper for secretary, and Linda Dekraker for treasurer. We also accepted 7 new members on that day.

Our Bible discussions were taken from the Book of John and we feel they have been very rewarding.

For money making projects we had a bake-goods sale and a car wash with our senior society.

As we look back on our society season we can see that we couldn’t begin to count all the blessings which our Lord has given us. We hope the Lord will continue to bless us during the upcoming convention.