News From the Fed Board

Every year at the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention, an important meeting is held. A group of young people delegated by their respective churches gathers together to vote for new members of the Federation Board. This Board meets monthly (and sometimes more!) to take care of all the business for the Young People’s Societies as a whole.

At the last Convention hosted by our Hudsonville PRC, the delegates voted for the following new members: Jonathan Langerak (Vice-President), Annie Zuverink (Vice-Secretary), Jordan Koole (Vice-Treasurer), Rev. G. Eriks (Spiritual Advisor), and Mr. Scott VanUffelen (Youth Coordinator). Members serving for their second year are: Joshua Engelsma (President), Rebecca Koole (Secretary), Scott Mingerink (Treasurer), Elizabeth Kuiper (Librarian), and Rev. R. VanOverloop (Spiritual Advisor). A hearty thanks must be given to the following retired members for their years of faithful service: Ryan Barnhill, Emily Kuiper, Ben Rau, Rev. A. Lanning, and Mr. Joel Langerak. If you see one of them, tell them thanks for all their hard work.

The Fed Board is presently hard at work! Some of the things we deal with are the annual Convention, the Young People’s Scholarship Fund for prospective teachers and ministers, the Thanksgiving and Easter mass meetings, and the Winter and Pre-Convention singspirations.

We also have oversight of our Young People’s magazine, the Beacon Lights. Recently, the Board has been working hard to improve the Beacon Lights and make it an important part of the life of our societies. We are thankful to our editor-in-chief, John Huizenga, for his work in the past and for his willingness to continue in this position. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Beacon Lights, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Young people, parents, grandparents, we covet your continued support. Encourage the Young People’s Societies. Attend the Conventions and mass meetings and singspirations. And support the Beacon Lights. We need that support. But, above all, pray for us. Pray that God will give us the wisdom to perform our work for the good of the young people and to the glory of his name. And pray that he will bless our labors in the coming year.