News from Hull’s Young People’s Society

Nearing the end of another society season, the Hull Young People’s Society looks back at a busy but very enjoyable and profitable year. We gather at 7:15 p.m. each Sunday evening in the church basement. Each meeting is begun by singing three Psalter numbers chosen by the president. He also opens with prayer. The minutes are read by the secretary and are approved. Then we take care of the business. After the business meeting, we continue with our Bible study of Revela­tion. For a while, each of the members took turns leading the discussion. But because of the difficulty of interpreting Revelation and the importance of every little fact and detail, Rev. Hoeksema now leads the discussion. At the time of this writing, we have studied each of the seven churches, the seals, and are now studying the trumpets. Knowing that the end of the time is well-nigh, we all enjoy studying Revelation. As we study, we can see how the prophecies and signs of the times are coming more and more realistic. And each time we are comforted, knowing that soon we will be reigning with Christ at God’s right hand. After Bible discussion, a member is appointed by the secretary to close with a Psalter number and prayer. This hour of fellowship between covenant young brothers and sisters disappears far too fast. Usually the last Sunday of each month we have a special topic discussion led by two members. Three of the topics were “Why are P.R. Schools Necessary?”: “Making Confession of Faith’’; and “Mysticism.” We tried something dif­ferent with the fourth topic. The society broke up into a pro and con side and dealt with the topic “Christian Involvement in Politics.” This went so well that we continued discussing it the next week. Topic discussions break up the regular routine a little bit, keep us up with the times, and make us think and study on our own.

We’ve also kept busy preparing and planning for various activities. On Sunday, October 31, our society sponsored a Reformation Singspiration, inviting the Doon and Edgerton congregations. On November 2, the members of our society sponsored a hayride. Afterwards we went to the Hull P.R. Christian School for refreshments and we also played some volleyball. We all gathered at Hull School on November 22, along with our families to watch the movie pictures taken at the 1976 convention. Refreshments were served afterwards. January 3 we had our annual Christmas party. The beginning of the evening was spent caroling to members of the congregation. Back at church we played games, had a grab-bag gift exchange, and were served a delicious lunch. Then, on April 4, we sponsored our annual Soup Supper/Family Night. The congregation enjoyed a soup, sandwich, and pie supper, and then eventually roamed upstairs to the gym to either watch or take part in the sports activities. During this time, the Mr. and Mrs. Society entertained the smaller children with games. Afterwards pie and ice cream were served. A free-will offering was taken for the 1977 convention. On March 14 we all journeyed down to the Sioux Falls Carousel Skating Rink. We went swimming at an indoor pool and went out for lunch afterwards on April 25. Hope­fully, we’ll have more outings together this summer as a society, even though we will have adjourned for the summer months.

At the beginning of the season, Rev. Kortering was our president. When the Lord called him to be the undershepherd of the flock at Redlands, Mr. Russell Dykstra was our president until God sent the man of His good pleasure, Rev. M. Hoeksema, to be our pastor. Mr. Roger Buys is the vice-president, Darla Jansma is the secretary, Brian Gritters is treas­urer, and Mary Van Maanen is the vice-all. Our society is made up of 22 members with many others attending regularly.

We can truly say that God has been gracious unto us as a society and ask His continued blessings as we gather for a few moments as covenant youth, living in the hope of our Lord and Savior.