News From, For, and About Our Churches

After several months of a severe news shortage, your news editor once again discovers that even though some of our churches are seldom heard from, they are, nevertheless, still making these worthwhile noises we call “news”! Thank you.
From Hudsonville, Michigan:
The young people here celebrated their annual Christmas party by making fruit baskets for the sick and shut-ins in their church. Among the many expressions of gratitude found on their bulletin was this one: “Mr. and Mrs. ……………wish to thank for young people for their visit. It was appreciated very much.”
From South Holland, Illinois:
Mr. and Mrs. Don Haak rejoice in the adoption of a daughter and Mrs. And Mrs. Lamm Lubbers rejoice in the birth of a daughter.
Mr. Bill Rutgers has transferred to the First Church in Grand Rapids and Twyla Brummel was received from the Edgerton Church in Minnesota. Also, Mr. and Mrs. E. Holleman and their three children have transferred to Hope in Walker, Michigan.
The young people sponsored a bake goods sale to help raise funds for the upcoming Convention. It may seem as if the ’70 Convention has hardly passed but the 71’ Convention is only six months away!
From Hope in Walker, Michigan:
Jim Rau’s address is: Pvt. James Rau, Co. D, 4th Bn. 2nd Bct. BDE, Ft. Polk, Louisiana 71459
It’s very possible that many of us do not know the servicemen whose addresses are printed in the Beacon Lights. However, it would be a good idea and probably a much appreciated gesture if we would send these young people a card or letter as their addresses are printed.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoven rejoice in the birth of a son and Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Vanden Top rejoice in the birth of a daughter.
From Hull, Iowa:
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bleyenberg rejoice in the birth of a son.
The young people’s Christmas party included caroling, the exchanging of “grab-bag gifts” and refreshments.
Did you know that in the young people’s society here the Bible discussion is introduced by a member of the society? They also meet on Sunday nights at 7:00.
From Loveland, Colorado:
An ice-skating outing was held for the entire congregation on January 2. It was sponsored by the Ladies’ Circle.
There must be any good Germans in this congregation! On the occasion of the school Christmas Program, a song entitled “German Song No. 91” was sung by the audience!
From First, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bylsma rejoice in the birth of a daughter.
Miscellaneous News:
On January 15 the young people of the Grand Rapids area gathered for their Winter Banquet at Adrian’s Ramona Terrace. The speaker was Rev. Van Baren who centered his speech about the banquet theme “Treasure of Snow.” Hopefully there will be more details about this in the next Beacon Lights.
The theme of last August’s Convention has not died! On January 28 Rev. Heys spoke at a public lecture in Zeeland, Michigan on the topic “Strangers in a Strange Land.”

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No. 10 February 1971