News From, For, and About Our Churches

The past weeks can be noted for the many programs sponsored within our churches and schools. On March 8 the Federation Board sponsored a combined choir program in the First Church in Grand Rapids. The choirs of Hudsonville, Hope, and Covenant Chr. High participated to make an enjoyable evening. Then on March 20 the students from our Hope School rendered their All-School Program under the theme “heirs of Christ.” It was centered around the death and resurrection of our Lord. The Choral Society of the Hudsonville Church arranged their only program on February 22 at their own church. The choir was directed by Mr. Gerald Kuiper and special numbers were given by Bruce Lubbers and Mrs. H. Veldman. The other program was sponsored by the young people of the South Holland church on February 8 in their church. Everyone participated in the singing which was led by Mr. Lamm Lubbers and special numbers were given by Bill Lenting and Young People’s Octet.
In other activities the young people also have been active. One February 27 the Senior Society of the First Church in Grand Rapids sponsored a hayride for all area young people. It was held in a rather cozy and secluded spot in the Hudsonville area, better known by some of us as The Chapel in the Pines. In Loveland the young people sponsored an outing for the society and afterwards had refreshments at the parsonage.
There have been only two marriages this month that can be reported. The one is of Miss Marcia Lubbers of Hudsonville to Mr. Dave Doezema of First on February 20. The other is of Mr. Paul Pfau and Miss Irene Bruinsma from South Holland on February 14.
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. B. Zandstra from South Holland.
Mr. P. Brummel has transferred to South Holland from Hull.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kamps and six children have transferred to Hope from First in Grand Rapids. Miss Pat Kamps has had her papers Transferred to Hope also.
Mrs. G. Vos from Hudsonville celebrated her 75th birthday and Mr. John Miedema from Hope celebrated his 85th birthday within the past month. Our hearty congratulations!
The address of George Bodbyl of Hudsonville is: P.F.C. G. Bodbyl 386-52-9238, 76 Trans Co., A.P.O. New York, New York 09189
The address of Bob Velthouse of Hope is: Pvt. Robert Velthouse 366-52-6180, 3rd Platoon, Co. C, 1st BN, 2nd BCT BDE, Fort Polk, LA 71459
Remember your servicemen!
During the past few months I have received news from more churches than ever before. I would like you all to know that this is much appreciated and I also hope everyone keeps up the very fine work!

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No. 2 April 1970