News From, For, and About Our Churches

From Hope in Walker:
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Moody rejoice at the birth of a daughter and Mrs. And Mrs. Marv Kamps rejoice at the birth of a son.
Rick Huizinga’s new address is: P.F.C. Richard Huizinga 380-54-2614, H.H.S. 426, S. & S. Bn., 101 1st A.B.N. Div., A.P.O. San Francisco, California 96383
From Hull, Iowa:
(First of all, welcome to the Beacon Lights News column! Your bulletins are much appreciated!)
A bulletin note from Rev. Kortering to the congregation: “We wish to publicly thank all in the congregation who contributed in making our return such a hearty welcome. The house was beautifully redecorated throughout, the freezer is full to overflowing, and our hearts were edified by the welcoming program…May we be a means of edification to one another and God’s name glorified in all our way.”
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Vanden Top and one baptize child were received from the Doon Church and Miss Joan Regnerus was received from the church in Oaklawn.
Confession of faith was made by Miss Phyllis Hoekstra, Miss Brenda VanMaanen, and Miss Marjean Van Maanen.
On Nov. 5 Prof. Hanko spoke at a Reformation Day Rally in the Pella Christian School Gym.
From Loveland, Colorado:
The state has changed this church’s address. It now is 705 East 57th St. instead of 809 East 57th St.
The Church’s Extension Committee sponsored a public lecture on Oct. 29 in the Loveland Community Building with Rev. Engelsma as speaker. Incidentally, this committee regularly puts out many very good pamphlets. How is the pamphlet supply in your church? Is it kept up to date or are most of the pamphlets yellowed and dusted off regularly? To be good witnesses of our Reformed faith we should be constantly reading and pamphlets can be very valuable aids to us as well as to those outside of our churches. How about a little renovation of those pamphlet racks? For some information on the pamphlets this committee puts out why not write them at: The Reformed Witness, 750 Jefferson Ave., Loveland, Colorado
From South Holland, Illinois:
Confession of faith was made by Miss Sharon Zandstra and Mr. Phil Van Baren.
Miss Carol De Jong was received from the Oak Glen Chr. Ref. Church.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Poortinga have transferred to the church in Loveland.
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Nymeyer rejoice at the birth of a daughter.
Rev. Decker also spoke on November 3 at a public lecture in commemoration of Reformation Day. His topic was “Ecumenism and The Reformation.”
Miscellaneous News
On October 30 a Reformation Day Program was sponsored in First Church in Grand Rapids and was open to the public. Prof. Hanko spoke on “The Reformation and the Unchaining of Scriptures.”
Remember our missionary and his wife! Their address once again is: Rev. and Mrs. George Lubbers, General Delivery, Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies
On October 17 the Federation Board sponsored a “mini retreat” in the Spring Grove Park in Byron Center, Michigan. Along with supper and games there was a speech by Mr. Harry Langerak which was followed by discussion groups.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No. 7 November 1970