News From, for, and about our churches

Wedding Bells
Rang for Judy Vlietstra and Andy Brummel (Edgerton) on March 31; for Nancy Heemstra and David Ondersma (First) on April 23; for Evelyn Huizenga and Nathan Tamminga (Randolph) on May 1; and for Ellen Groenendale and ken Teitsma (Southeast) on May 14.

Membership Changes:
Edgerton welcomed Mrs. Jeanette Bleyenberg from the Reformed Church in Steen, Minnesota and Mrs. Judy Brummel from the Reformed Church in Edgerton; Mr. and Mrs. J. Jabaay and family transferred from Edgerton to Redlands; South Holland welcomed Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Regnerus from Oaklawn; Kalamazoo welcomed Mrs. Harold Triezenberg from Cutlerville Christian Reformed Church; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bleyenberg and two baptized children transferred from Edgerton to Doon; Hope received the membership papers of Jim Langerak from highland Hills Christian Reformed Church; and Randolph welcomed Mrs. Sue De Vries from the First Reformed Church of Randolph.

Concerning our Servicemen:
Adrian Lenting (South Holland) was home on a two-week furlough during April and May; Ken Haak (Oaklawn) who was home on a twelve day furlough during the latter part of May was called back early with a possible overseas assignment awaiting him.
We have received the address of Robert Ekema (Redlands). It is as follows:
Robert Ekema US 56384072
Co. A 2nd Bn. 1st BDE, 3rd Plt.
Fort Polk, Louisiana 71459

New Arrivals
A daughter, Pamela Marie, born to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kuiper (Edgerton)
A son, Kevin James, born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bylsma (First)
A son, Charles Corneil, born to Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Doezema (First)
A daughter, Dawn Renae, born to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lubben (Hudsonville)
A daughter, Barbara Jo, born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schipper (Hudsonville)
A daughter, Leah Renee, born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bleyenberg (Edgerton)
A son, William John, born to Mr. and Mrs. William Bleyenberg (Edgerton)
A son, David Mark, born to Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Regnerus (Oaklawn)
A son, Loren Dean, born to Mr. and Mrs. Egbert Gritters (Hull)
A daughter, Rebecca, born to Mr. and Mrs. Arie Nobel (First)
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kamps (Hudsonville)

Items of General Interest
Hope’s congregation met in their new edifice for the first time on May 16. The dedication was held June 9. Rev. Heys was to be the main speaks; Rev. H. Hanko and Rev. D. Engelsma also participated in the program. The congregation also received two hundred new Psalters from an anonymous donor.
The resurrection of our Lord was celebrated by special programs in several of our congregations. The children of Redlands presented a program for the members of that congregation after the morning service; the Radio Choir presented a program that same evening sponsored by the Protestant Reformed High School Circle; and on April 25, the Choral Societies of Hope and South Holland Churches rendered a program.
On April 19, Student R. Moore addressed the Men’s League in Holland on the subject of “Speaking in Tongues”.
The Ladies’ League met in Holland on April 22. Student R. Decker addressed the group on the topic: “What Constitutes the Neglect of the Means of Grace”.
On April 29, Rev. Van Baren addressed Oaklawn’s congregation on the theme, “The New Generation of 1924—A Blueprint for Its Failure”. The following evening he gave the same speech for the Mr. and Mrs. League Meeting which was held at First Church. On May 6, he lectured for his own congregation on the theme, “Limited Atonement”, the Third in a series on the Five Points of Calvinism.
The Young People in the Grand Rapids area gathered at First Church on May 11 for the Annual Young People’s Banquet. Rev. G. Vos was the speaker for the evening.
Randolph’s Young People’s Society rendered a special program for their congregation on April 21. Featured on that evening was the “Beacon Lights” film.
On May 9, the Hope Heralds rendered a sacred concert in Southeast Church sponsored by the Mr. and Mrs. Society of that church.
Rev. H. Veldman lectured May 20, in Holland on the topic: “The Heritage of the Seed of the Covenant”. The proceeds for the evening were to be used for the cost of transporting the children of that congregation to and from Hope School.
Spring House Cleaning was also carried on in some of our churches. The members of South Holland and Oaklawn’s congregations gathered for that purpose during the month of May and Doon’s cleaning was done in June.
Mr. John Buiter addressed the Protestant Reformed High School Circle at their May meeting in First Church on the subject: “Math and Science in the Christian School Curriculum.”
Confession of Faith was recently made by Lenore Engelsma, Sharon Kuiper, Carol Bomers, Judith Huizenga and Jim Langerak of Hope Church.
At the close of another school year, many of our schools featured “End-of-the-Year Programs and Graduation Exercises.” Rev. Engelsma addressed the students and graduates of his congregation on May 28, on the topic “Who Are You”; Rev. H. Veldman addressed the graduates of Hope School on June 4 on the subject: “Continuing in the Things You Have Learned;” Oaklawn held their program on June 3; and Rev. Schipper addressed the graduates of Adams St. on June 11 on the subject: “Trust in the Lord.”
Another highlight was the graduation of Student R. Decker from our Theological School on June 8 at First Church. The program featured musical numbers by the Hope Heralds and Mr. Arnold Dykstra, and speeches by Student Decker and Professor H. C. Hoeksema.

Congratulations to
Mrs. E. Van Eenenaam (First) who celebrated her 81st birthday on April 27; and to Mr. Cornelius Woodwyk (Hudsonville) who celebrated his 92nd birthday on May 1.

Roses grow upon briars, which is to signify that all temporal sweets are mixed with bitter. But what seems more especially to be meant by it is that pure happiness, the crown of glory, is to be come at in no other way than by bearing Christ’s cross by a life of mortification, self-denial, and labor, and bearing all things for Christ. The rose, that is the chief of all flowers, is the last thing that comes out. The briary, prickly bush grows before that; the end and crown of all is the beautiful and fragrant rose.
Jonathan Edwards

Attention Young People!
The twenty-fifth anniversary convention of our Young People’s Societies will be held, the Lord willing, August 24, 25, 26 at South Holland.

Looking back upon twenty-five years of blessing and looking forward to a further blessing form our covenant God we chose the theme:


Plan to come for edification in the truth and Christian fellowship to the birth place of the conventions of our Federation, South Holland, Illinois.