News from, for, and about our churches

Radio News:
The Program Committee of our Reformed Witness Hour informs us that they have many tape recordings which are now available to any of our readers who desire them. The material recorded on the tapes is varied. Sermons by Rev. H. Hoeksema on Lord’s Day 1 through 52 o the Heidelberg Catechism, sermons by several of our Protestant Reformed ministers, selections by our Radio Choir and other fine musical talent featured on our Distinctively Reformed radio broadcasts can be obtained. Although the Young People of our congregations probably cannot appreciate and enjoy listening to a “Dutch” sermon, perhaps a few of our “Senior Citizens” will be interested to know that even a limited number of sermons rendered in the “Hollandsche taal” are also available. A sermon by the late Rev. G.M. Ophoff, on the text on Colossians 3:1-4, no doubt will prove to be most enjoyable by all of our people. For further information regarding subject material and the modest cost of these tapes write to:
The Reformed Witness Hour
1947 Alto Ave. S.E.
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507

First Church has extended a call to Rev. H. Hanko of Doon for pastor and Rev. David J. Engelsma of Loveland for missionary of our churches.

Concerning our Servicemen:
Don Hoksbergen (Hull) returned home during the last week of March having fulfilled his term of six months in the service.
While stationed at Camp Pendleton, Aaron Schwarz (Loveland) has had the privilege of attending the services in Redlands, California.
Robert Ekema (Redlands) left April 6 to begin a two-year period of duty in the Armed Forces.
Chuck Kalsbeek (Hope), Chuck Bult and Dale Reitsma were expected to return home for a two week period about the middle of April; after this furlough, they will go to Texas.

Future Conventioners:
A daughter, Susan, born to Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Van Baren (South Holland)
A daughter, Brenda Lee, born t Mr. and Mrs. John C. Haak (South Holland)
A son, Henry Lee, born to Mr. and Mrs. Everett Buiter (South Holland)
A son, Scott Alan, born to Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Miedema (Hudsonville)
A son, Robert Dale, born to Mr. and Mrs. William Buiter (Oaklawn)
A son, Daniel Peter, born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Decker (First)
A daughter, Darlene Joyce, born to Mr. and Mrs. James Pastoor (Southeast)
A daughter, Katherine Wynne, born to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Feenstra (Redlands)
A daughter, Laura Mae, adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Doezema (First)
A son, Duane Lee, born to Mr. and Mrs. L. Bruinsma. (South Holland)
A daughter, Karla Ruth, born to Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Kuiper (Oaklawn)
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. A. Buiter (South Holland)

Confession of Faith:
Was recently made by the following young people:
From Oaklawn: Mr. M Alsum
From First: David Bol, Ruthellen Bol, Lawrence DeMeester, Thomas Emaus, Patricia Kamps, Mary Kregel, Barbara Reitsma, Sheryl Velting and Terry Velting.
From South Holland: John and Egbert Holleman

Congratulations to:
Mr. and Mrs. Art Bleyenberg (Edgerton) who celebrated their sixty-seventh wedding anniversary on February 18
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schut (Hudsonville) who celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on February 25
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vogel (Hull) who celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary March 19
Judy Alsum and Don Abel (Randolph) who were united in marriage on March 26

Membership Transfers:
Redlands congregation welcomed into their midst Mr. John Kuipers and Mr. and Mrs. H. Vander Veen.
Lawrence De Meester was received by First Church coming from the Netherlands Reformed Church.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Rietema and five baptized children transferred from First to Southeast; Bill Huber transferred from Loveland to Hope; and Edgerton welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kuiper and one baptized child.

Called home:
Mr. John Zandstra Sr. (South Holland) who passed away on March 6

Society News:
According to reports, the South Holland Young People’s Society is busily preparing for the Young Peoples’ Convention in August.
On February 21, the Junior Young Peoples’ Society was host to the Senior Young Peoples’ of First Church. The Senior Society presented the after recess program centering on the theme: “Hearing the Preaching of the Word.”
On March 7, Hope Young Peoples’ Society traveled to First, and Southeast was host to Hudsonville Young Peoples’ Society.
Southeast Men’s Society was the host to Southwest on March 7. Mr. Offringa of Southwest, presented a paper on “Refuting Mormonism in the Light of Scripture” for the after recess program.
On February 15, the Men’s Society of South Holland invited the “senior” members of their congregation to meet with them. After recess, they heard the tape prepared by the Mission Committee of our churches which features singing of the Protestant Reformed Churches in Jamaica.

Items of General Interest:
The formal dedication of Holland Protestant Reformed Church took place on February 18, with Rev. Lanting, the present pastor, and Revs. Kortering and Schipper, former members of the congregation, as speakers. Since the dedication, many activities have taken place in their new church. The Hope Heralds presented a sacred concert on February 25. The proceeds were for the furnishing of the church annex. The Sunday School Teachers’ Mass Meeting was held there on March 26. Rev. Lanting addressed the group. Classis East met in Holland on April 7; and Mr. Robert Decker addressed the Office bearers’ conference on April 6 in Holland also. He spoke on the subject: “What Constitutes the Neglect of the Means of Grace?”
The Senior Young Peoples’ Society recently thanked all those who contributed toward the Jamaican clothing drive and also informed the congregation that the remaining funds were used to send the Jamaican churches one hundred Psalters.
The members of South Holland congregation are invited to hear the tapes of the Reformed Witness Hour each Sunday afternoon, at 3:15.
Randolph’s congregation celebrated the Annual Prayer Day Service one day later due to the fact that Rev. Van Baren was in Lynden and would not return home until March 10.
The Hope Heralds, a male chorus of Hope church, presented a concert in their church on the Sunday evening of February 23.
The Sunday School of Redlands sponsored a hymn sing for their congregation on February 14.
While on church visitation in Loveland, Rev. J.A. Heys also lectured for the members of that congregation on February 9, on the topic: “God’s Sovereignty and His Decree of Sin.”
In January, Mr. Gerald Kuiper addressed the P.T.A. of the Edgerton Free Christian School on the subject of discipline.
Rev. Heynen of Pine Rest Christian Hospital was the guest speaker at the March meeting of the Adams St. Mothers Club. He presented a very interesting talk on coping with situations in the home in connection with the rearing of Christian young people.
Hull Church recently conducted a drive to repay the loan for their new furnace.
Loveland’s congregation has begun construction on their new edifice. Mr. R. Ezinga, a member of the congregation was hired to work on the building. In addition, each man of the congregation is donating fifty hours of labor toward the completion of their new church.
The Priscilla Society of First Church sponsored a Coffee and Baked Goods Sale on March 10 for the benefit of the Foundation for Handicapped Children. A total of $401.00 was collected for this worthy cause.
The Northwest Society of Protestant Reformed Education sponsored a lecture on March 16, the eve of the Classis West meeting in Hull Church. Rev. H. Hanko was the speaker.
Mr. Lam Lubbers, a teacher at Hope Protestant Reformed School addressed the Protestant Reformed Ladies Secondary School Circle on the theme: “Patterns in History” at their March meeting.
On March 29, the male members of Redlands congregation were called to a special meeting in the interest and possibility of organizing a Protestant Reformed School Society.
The Loveland School Board scheduled a parent-teacher meeting in February, so that a closer relationship might be attained between the home and school in the interest of covenant instruction.
The Adams St. Mothers Club meeting of April featured a program given by the school children commemorating the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ, our Savior.
The Western Ladies League Meeting was held on Friday, April 2, in Hull Church. The theme for the day was “Angels and the Saints”. Rev. B. Woudenberg addressed the women in the morning and an interesting program had been planned for the rest of the day.
South Holland’s congregation has decided to begin construction on their new church during this coming summer. It was also decide that the auditorium would have a seating capacity of four hundred.
On April 9, the Ladies Circle of Oaklawn Protestant Reformed School invited Christine Faber and Karlene Oomkes to show their pictures of Europe to the members of their congregation.
Mr. Richard Moore addressed the Hope P.T.A. at their April meeting on the topic: “Students’ Attitude towards Authority.”