News From, For, and About Our Churches

Bulletins have been coming into the News Department with remarkable regularity, and that at a time when most ministers are vacationing. Perhaps the way in which many of them are vacationing has something to do with it. Since several of our churches have vacancies in the pulpit at present, it seems that every minister preaches somewhere every Sunday. Even at that, Southwest had its first reading service July 19, and both S.W. and Hope switched their evening service to the afternoon on alternate Sundays so that one minister could serve both churches at least for one service.
Then there is this matter of classical appointments which, with a little rearranging here and there, can be fused with a vacation. Rev. Schipper spent his vacation preaching in Redlands while Rev. Van Baren filled S.W.’s pulpit. Rev. Woudenberg, Rev. Vos, and Rev. Lanting had a triangular “pulpit exchange” set-up. It kept them from going too far from home, but I guess Rev. Vos didn’t mind. He didn’t plan to go anywhere anyway. You know what he did? He painted all the rooms in his house – walls, ceilings, windows, doors, baseboards! He claims he had a lovely vaction. Rev. Lubbers, our missionary, spend his vacation traveling through the West, performing wedding ceremonies in the Dakotas and lecturing about Christian Day Schools in Colorado. Rev. H. Hoeksema has been swimming and sunning at Lake Michigan but has also been preaching at First Church twice a Sunday for several weeks. Rev. C. Hando hopes to be back in the pulpit at First Church Sunday, August 30.
Along with South Holland’s bulletins came a very interesting report to the membership of the South Holland and Oaklawn Churches regarding the Church extension work they are carrying on. To achieve their goal (“to disseminate distinctive Protestant Reformed views, based on the Word of God and the Reformed Confessions, among those in this area outside the scope of our churches, particularly among those of Reformed persuasion”) they began by sending out some fifty copies of each issue of The Standard Bearer. They selected fifty names from a mailing list of some two thousand and sent them twelve sample issues, later increasing this to one hundred names. They also prepared a small circular containing a brief description of some fourteen pamphlets which were published by the Sunday School Association of First Church. They again compiled a mailing list of five hundred names and sent them these circulars offering them the opportunity to obtain any or all of these pamphlets without charge. The response was gratifying and at their last meeting the committee was instructed to send out another five hundred of the same. Besides this it is the intention of the committee to send this pamphlet circular to all the ministers in the Christian Reformed Church.
There is more to the report, about the work and response received. I was really quite thrilled when I read it. In these last days, when evangelization is so popular but the Gospel truth is not, is this not an excellent means for the church of Jesus Christ to preach the Word!
And here is another way in which you can let your light shine and take an active part in mission endeavor. You can do it by letting your voice be heard. Literally, that is. The Radio Committee of First Church, producers of The Reformed Witness Hour, feels the need of a radio choir which will furnish the musical portions of the radio programs. Here are their reasons: 1. The Mission Committee plans to add more stations to their radio endeavors. 2. Some of our congregations have expressed their desire to sponsor a radio program of their own. First Church has been asked to assist them and give advice in this work. This will require additional musical numbers. 3. The soloists and other musical groups who have for the past few years furnished musical numbers have cooperated willingly and wonderfully, but the committee is reluctant to request these people to sacrifice more of their time when they know that many of our young people can and are willing and capable to take their part in the spreading of the truth of God’s Word by utilizing their musical talents.
It is their desire to organize a Radio Choir on a denominational level. We sincerely hope you are interested. Plan to join now while you are waiting and watching for further details regarding the formation of the Prot. Ref. Radio Choir.
September 4 – Installation as Professor of Theology in our Seminary of Rev. H. C. Heoksema, Rev. G. Vos will preside and Rev. H. Hoeksema will preach the sermon. This is the first time in the history of our churches that a professor has been installed. Everyone is invited to come to First Church for the important occasion.
September 15 – The Steering Committee invites all men and women interested in the high school movement to come to a meeting which should result in the organization of a society for this purpose. Rev. C. Hando will speak on the necessity and feasibility of having our own high school. The meeting will be held in Southwest Church. COME if you are convinced. COME if you aren’t – and become convinced!

Regarding servicemen
Garry Gras and Steven Holstege, Jr. both from Hudsonville Church, arrived safely at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 19 No. 6 August-September 1959