News From, For, and About Our Churches

Experience and understanding comes with years. Therefore, we love and honor and respect the older generation.
Mr. Peter Kooistra of 1st Church, celebrated his 94th birthday on Christmas. Think of it! Almost a century lf living.
Mr. W. Kooienga, member of our churches since 1924 and now a member of S. E., passed away Jan. 17 at the age of 82 years.
Mrs. J. A. Schut, mother and grandmother of many members in our churches passed away Jan. 16 while at Bradenton, Florida. She is a member of Hudsonville Church.
“An aged Christian with the snow of time on his head may remind us that those points of earth are whitest that are nearest heaven.” E. H. Chapin

Oaklawn – The parsonage in Oak Lawn seems to be a good place to get together. The Convention Planning Group meets there, the deacons hold their monthly meetings there, the consistory meets there, and who knows what else!
Rev. H. Hoeksema will lecture March 17 on the subject: “The Virgin Birth and the Human Nature of Christ.” This is sponsored by the Men’s Society.
Several changes have been made in the worship service. Praise God from whom all blessing flow is now being sung at the beginning of the service, and individual communion cups will be used in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

Holland – Something new has been added – a large pulpit Bible has been made available through the generosity of Mr. Henry Vander Kolk.
The Ladies’ Aid is working on a project to repair the Psalters of the church.
A monthly offering is taken for their Transportation Association. To keep their school bus running all the way from Holland through Byron Center to Hope School each day demands much care and time and money. But Holland considers it a very “worth-while cause.”

Lynden, Wash. – The Adult Bible Class is studying the Book of Genesis and is at present considering the Prot. Ref. View of the Covenant in ch. 9. The notes on their studies are sent to parties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and N. Carolina, to eight individuals in all. The notes are well received.

S. E. Church – Ruth Moelker is down with a serious thyroid condition. According to Jan. 11 bulletin she expected to enter the hospital the coming week. We hope that the next issue of B. L.’s will be able to bear a favorable report on her condition.
Rev. R. Veldman and family have moved into their new home at 1543 Cambridge, S.E.

Doon – “Is an evil thought as bad as an evil deed?” That’s the question to be discussed by the Doon Men’s Society after recess.
Edgerton – Lots have been purchased on which they plan to build a church. All the sister congregations are helping them financially.


Holland, Creston, Hudsonvile, Hope, Oaklawn all are following the outlines on Acts in their society Bible discussions. Done is studying Genesis. Kalamazoo is studying Romans.

Kalamazoo holds its meetings at the parsonage. They recently enjoyed a toboggan party at Echo Valley.

Creston Y. P. were host to the 1st Jr.’s and will return a visit to 1st Sr. during this month. Creston Society has eight members. They were pleased to have Rev. Lubbers at their service Sunday evening, Jan. 4.

Oaklawn Y. P. sponsored a supper, Jan. 10. Where? I don’t know. The bulletin didn’t say. (Not at the parsonage, was it?)

Oaklawn and S. Holland hold combined meetings once in two months.

For an after recess discussion, 1st Sr. Y. P. tackled the topic: “Lucky numbers, Right or Wrong?” They met with Hope on Sunday, Jan. 18.

will have a meeting Jan. 31. They are working on a constitution for Beacon Lights. By means of this constitution they hope to define more clearly the duties and titles of those connected with the publication of Beacon Lights. They promise to publish the results of their meeting.

Pvt. John M. Huizing, from Hope Church is in Germany with his wife. He hopes to be discharged in October.
Pvt. Ira Veenstra, also from Hope, is in the army and serving in Germany. His time will also by in by June of this Year.
Pvt. Jason Redder, from Hudsonville, is stationed in Kentucky. He lives with his wife away from the camp.
Pvt. Sid Stellinga, from Doon has almost completed his service in the army. He is also stationed in Germany.
John H. Blankenspoor, Doon is stationed in Texas at the present time.
P.F.C. Robert Haak is a member of Oaklawn. Bob will have served his two years about the first of March. He is stationed in Germany at present but expects to come back to the States soon.
Summing it up – Hope has 4 servicemen at present, Hudsonville, has 2, First has 2, Doon has 2, Oaklawn has 1, Redlands has 1. Are there any more? Do all our Servicemen receive Beacon Lights? If not, please notify the Editor.
The Hose Committee at Oaklawn reports that to date – 19 patrons have contributed $51.00 – towards the support of the 1959 Y. P.’s Convention. Watch the figures grow as we report them each month! But don’t only watch! Do something about it!! Didn’t you get one of those little green slips in church Sunday? Oh, you got one but you don’t know where it is! Doesn’t matter – here’s the address:
Convention Fund
9402 S. 53rd Court
Oak Lawn, Illinois
Just send what you like and then watch next month’s report go skyrocketing.
P.S. It cost 54 cents in postage to get this news from there to here. Rev. Heys came all the way from Hull to bring his bulletins personally. He claims he had to come this way anyway.

Originally Published in:
Vo. 19 No. 1 February 1959