News From, for, and about our churches

Radio News:
The Program Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour reports to us that several new “outlets” are enjoying our Distinctively Reformed radio program each week. Although the Houston, Texas, station has been dropped by the Mission Committee of our Churches, the people of Protestant Reformed persuasion residing in that locality are still able to hear the programs. Upon the request of Rev. G. Lubbers, the Program Committee sends a copy of the weekly broadcasts to the brethren and sisters in that area. A new station has been added. The Consistory of the Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church requested that the programs be aired over one of their local stations, W.K.P.R. Their request was considered and granted by the Radio Committee. Also tapes are sent each week to the two ministers of the churches on the island of Jamaica—the Revs. Elliot and Frame. The Quenga family and their friends, on faraway Guam, also express their enjoyment in this method of spiritual contact with the churches. For quite some time the Revs. C. Hanko (Redlands), J.A. Heys (South Holland), and G. Vanden Berg (Oaklawn), and many members of their respective congregations have listened each week by means of their personal tape recorders to the messages of the Truth of God’s Word proclaimed in the preaching and expressed in song and music by this means of communication.

Called Home:
Mr. William Bos (First) at the age of 77 years and Mrs. John Flikkema (First) at the age of 61 years.

New Births:
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Miedema (Hudsonville).
A son, Timothy Mark, born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoving (Oaklawn)
A daughter, Monica Denae, born to Mr. and Mrs. Lam Lubbers (Hope)
A son, Mark Wayne, born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoekstra (Hull)
A daughter, Elaine Faye, born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hoekstra
A son, born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lanning (Holland)
A son, Timothy Gordon, born to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Ondersma (First)
A daughter, born to Mr. and Mrs. George Kamps Jr. (Hudsonville)

Confession of Faith:
Was recently made by Henry DeVries (Randolph) and Ruth Vander Kolk, Bob Windemuller, and Paul Windemuller (Holland).

Concerning our Servicemen:
Duane Mensch (Hope) has returned from overseas and Art Stellinga (Doon) has completed his term of service.
Chuck Kalsbeek (Hope), Chuck Bult and Dale Reitsema (First) left on February 9, to begin their six months’ duties in the Armed Forces.
We have also received the new address of Don Hoksbergen. It is as follows:
Pvt. Donald L. Hoksbergen
NG 27819938
208th M.P. Co.
Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. 65475

Wedding Bells:
Rang for Roger Lee Curtis and Betty Young (Hudsonville) on January 18.

Membership Changes:
Doon welcomed into their midst Mr. and Mrs. H. Miersma, Valerie, and five baptized children from Edgerton and Rodney Miersma from South Holland.

Activities of the Young Peoples’ Societies:
On January 31, Oaklawn Young Peoples’ Society invited their congregation to listen with them to a Special Reformed Witness Hour tape recorded by the Radio Committee of First Church.
On February 7, First Senior Young Peoples’ was host to Southeast, while Hope Young People’s traveled to Southwest.
Doon Young People’s Society sponsored a singspiration for the churches in that area on February 7. Gerald Kuiper, of Edgerton, was to lead the singing.
On the same evening, Holland’s Young Peoples Society sponsored a hymn sing for their congregation. The proceeds of the evening were for chairs in their church annex.

Miscellaneous Items:
Southeast Church has finally reached its goal. The carpeting was installed in their church during the first week of February. To meet the balance of the cost, the Mary-Martha Society canvassed the members of the church during the same week.
Rev. and Mrs. J. Kortering, aided by several members of their congregation moved into the former parsonage during the last week of January.
Loveland’s congregation has selected property and will soon begin building an edifice that will serve both as a church and (in a basement arranged for that purpose) a school.
The families in Houston sent one thousand dollars to the consistory of the Southwest Church requesting that one half of that amount be used for travelling expenses for Rev. Lubbers enabling him to spend a few weeks in Houston during the month of February.
The Holland Ladies’ Society sponsored a coffee and baked goods sale for their congregation on February 10. The proceeds were for their new kitchen.
The Adams St. Mothers’ Club sponsored a Pea and Vegetable Soup Supper on Friday, February 12. In spite of the bad weather, many turned out to enjoy a very good dinner.
The Publication Committee met February 9, at First Church and has decided to send to press Rev. Hoeksema’s Dogmatics.
The Ladies’ Auxiliary of South Holland sponsored a Hostess Dinner on February 12.
On January 25, Rev. G. Van Baren lectured in South Holland on “Limited Atonement.” This is the third in a series of lectures on the Five Points of Calvinism on which he has been lecturing in Randolph.
The Ladies School Circle of Oaklawn sponsored a Casserole Supper on February 5.

Some thoughts to ponder:
Southeast’s Bulletin: “The idle Christian is the raw material out of which backsliders are made.” “No man has a right to do as he pleases unless he pleases to do the right.”
Randolph’s Bulletin: “He is a bad Christian who cuts the coat of his profession according to the fashion of the times, or the humor of the company he falls into.”