News from, for and about our churches

On March 26 the Federation Board very successfully sponsored an auction at the Van Hill Furniture Company. All items were donated by members of the various congregations and all profit will be used by the Board to help defray expenses for the coming young people’s convention.
On Friday, March 28, the Hope School presented their all-school program at First Church. The theme “God’s Unbreakable Chain of Salvation” was expressed by the students through word and song.
The consistory of Loveland announced that it has decided to release its pastor, Rev. Engelsma, as the Mission Committee requested, to preach and labor in Pella, Iowa, May 18-June 22. Also, on April 8, Rev. Lubbers and Mr. H. Meulenburg with their wives left to work for six weeks in Jamaica.
The students of Hope School attended chapel services Monday, March 31, in the Hope Church to hear Rev. Heys speak to them. The school’s spring vacation was held the week following Easter, April 7-11.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garvelink from Hudsonville, a daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald VanDenTop and six baptized children have transferred their membership form the church in Doon, Iowa, to Hope Church.

Will Haveman from Hudsonville returned home for several weeks before leaving for duty in Vietnam.
On Wednesday, March 26, Mr. Don Jonker from Hope Church left for service in the armed forces.
The addresses of the other servicemen from Hope Church are:
Pvt. Lawrence J. Koole
U.S. 51 800 000
E-10-5 USATCA 4th Platoon
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

S. A. Graeser TA2076-606
USCG Boat Yard, Curtis Bay
Baltimore, Maryland 21226

The thought for the week from Doon’s bulletin reads: “The mere fact that we believe in God and call Him, Lord, Lord, and likewise with Christ, is not proof in and of itself that we are serving Him, that we recognize His totalitarian demand and have yielded ourselves gladly and readily to Him.” On the bulletin of February 9, we read: “They that profess themselves to be Christ’s are known not only by what they say, but by what they practice. For the tree is known by its fruits.”

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 3 May 1969