News from, for and about our churches

Rev. J. A. Heys declined the call to First Church.
Rev. H. Veldman declined the call for Home Missionary
The consistory of First Church has granted a three month leave of absence from his pulpit to Rev. Hoeksema. Professor H. C. Hoeksema has graciously consented to conduct the morning service and the various ministers in Classis east have been conducting the evening service during the vacancy. In that connection, it may be said that the evening of November 25 was a memorable one, for at the time Rev. G. Vos of Hudsonville preached at First Church, the first time in eleven years.

Concerning our Servicemen:
Dale Bartelds (First), Ken Haak (Oak Lawn) and Irvan Velthouse (First) enjoyed a recent leave of absence enabling them to spend the Christmas Holidays with their families.
We have also received the addresses of several of our servicemen:
Chester Haveman U.S.55800724
Medical Company (3412)
Fitzsimmons General Hospital
Denver, Colorado 80240

Pvt. Jason Holstege ER16786205
Co. D, 9th Bn
3rd Tng Bde USATC, Armor
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

Cpl. Larry D. Lubbers 2058640
M.D. USS Constellation, CVA 64
c/o FPO San Francisco, California

A.B. Robert A. Vander Kooi
A.F. 27127564
Box C-8297
Lowry Air Force Base, Colorado 80230

Marvin Feenstra (Redlands) is currently stationed in Germany. His address is as follows:
Pvt. Marvin Feenstra
U.S. 56362784
94th Eng. Bn. Const.
Co. C. 2nd Pltn.
A.P.O. 154 New York, N.Y.

The address of Donald Hoksbergen (Hull) is:
Pvt. Donald L. Hoksbergen
N.G. 27819938
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65475

Membership transfers:
Hope welcomed Mr. and Mrs. J. Huisken with one child from Edgerton and Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Vanden Top with one child from Doon. The Dennis Gleason family left Hudsonville for Loveland and Mr. and Mrs. Vern Huber with their three children transferred from Loveland to Redlands.

For the Next Census:
A daughter, Debbie Lynn, born to Mr. and Mrs. John R. Velthouse (Southeast)
A son, David Michael, born to Mr. and Mrs. Steve Holstege, Jr. (Hudsonville)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zwak (Hudsonville)
A son, Timothy, born to Rev. and Mrs. Herman Hanko (Doon)
A daughter born to Rev. and Mrs. Gise Van Baren (Randolph)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schuitema (Hudsonville)
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Merle Veenstra (Hope)
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Stan Dykstra (Hope)

Congratulations are in order for:
Mr. Larry Hoezee and Joyce Gale Kuiper (Hudsonville) who were united in marriage on December 14; Mr. J. Westra (Randolph) who celebrated his 83rd birthday on November 18; Mrs. J. Lont (Randolph) who celebrated her 86th birthday on November 20; and Mrs. Wm. Nienhuis (First) who celebrated her 90th birthday on December 11.

Called home:
Miss Sheryl Maring (Hudsonville) at the age of 17 years; Mr. John Schut and the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schut of Hudsonville; and Mr. Jacob Bolt (First) at the age of 83 years.

Concerning our schools:
On November 20, Hope Protestant Reformed School presented their annual school program under the theme: “Now Thank We All Our God”.
At the December P.T.A. of Hope School the program centered about a roundtable discussion by the teachers on report cards.
The children of Adams St. School once again thrilled the hearts of the Mothers’ Club as they told of Christ’s birth in song and speech at the December meeting. Mr. Wayne Lanning addressed the Protestant Reformed High School Circle at their November meeting held in First Church.
Many activities are currently being carried on in Northwest Iowa in a united effort to open a Protestant Reformed Elementary School in September 1965, DV. On November 13, a special society meeting was held at Doon for the purpose of deciding on the location and building of the school. On November 24, an organizational meeting was held for the establishment of a “Ladies Auxiliary”. A fine turnout at the first meeting was recorded and at the next meeting a constitution is to be adopted and a name for the organization is to be chosen.

Items of General Interest:
Many of the societies in the Grand Rapids area have been enjoying fellowship with one another in joint meetings. On November 8, Southeast Young Peoples’ travelled to Holland and Hudsonville Young Peoples’ met with Southwest. The Men’s Society of First Church was host to Southeast on November 9. After recess, Mr. R. Teitsma presented a paper on Supra and Infra Lapsarianism. On December 6, Hudsonville and Hope Young Peoples’ Societies met at Hope; and on December 8, the Mr. and Mrs. Society of Hope was host to Hudsonville’s.
There have also been many Sunday evening programs in this same area. On November 22, a Singspiration was held at Southeast and on November 29, the Hope Ladies’ Circle sponsored a Hymn sing at Southwest Church. The Choral Societies of Hudsonville and Hope Churches rendered their annual Christmas concerts on December 13 and 20 respectively.
Confession of faith was recently made by Sandra Garvelink, Judith Lanning and Betty Young of Hudsonville and Mrs. Rolland Griess of Loveland.
The Oak Lawn Ladies’ Society sponsored a supper on December 18 for the married couples and young people of their congregation.
The Young Peoples’ Society of Southeast has been diligently working throughout the past couple years to earn money in order to put carpeting in their church. The last two projects included the collection of the banks which were issued to the congregation last spring and a pot-luck supper for their congregation which was held on December 5. Approximately $600.00 was needed in order for their goal to be achieved. With these projects, the end should almost be in sight.
At Redland’s Annual Congregational Meeting, a decision was made to remodel the kitchen of the parsonage.

Attention: There are some of our churches from which there is never any news. These churches include Edgerton, Forbes, Holland, Isabel, Lynden, South Holland and Southwest. WHAT’S THE MATTER—NO NEWS? In the coming months, the editor at 1312 Rosewood S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506 will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of your news also.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 24 No. 10 January 1965