News from, for and about our churches

Dear Readers,
One-half year ago you began sending your news to a new address, that of Judy Henson. Beginning with this issue, however, you are requested once more to send it to:
5301 Barry St
Hudsonville, Mich. 49426
Judy has resigned as your News Editor and as her sister, I feel privileged to take her place on the staff. I hope I can serve you as well. I appreciate the news I receive and welcome additional news from those churches who do not now send it. Help keep our magazine alive!


As is evident from this issue of Beacon Lights, the highlight of August was the Convention in Redlands, California. It was truly a success and we plan to see you all in Hudsonville next year.
A Pre-Convention Singspiration was held in First Church on August 10 at 9:00 PM. The singing was led by Mr. E. Ophoff.
A clothing drive for our brothers and sisters in Jamaica was held in the Grand Rapids area during the week of September 14.
On August 1, the Hudsonville society sponsored a beach party at Tunnel Park for all the young people of the area churches.
The Hull, Doon and Edgerton young people enjoyed a swimming party and picnic supper in Rock Rapids on July 15.
The catechism classes, societies and schools of our churches have begun a new season once again. We are thankful for this privilege; let us labor while it is day, ‘ere the night come when no man can work.


Mr. and Mrs. John C. Haak from South Holland, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. R. Miedema from Hope, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Kalsbeek from Hope, a son
Rev. and Mrs. David Engelsma from Loveland, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Rog King from Hope, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Don Aardema from Doon, a daughter
Rev. and Mrs. R. Decker from Doon, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Van Den Top from Doon, a son
Mr. and Mrs. K. Doezema from Southeast, a daughter


Mr. Ron VanOverloop from Hudsonville and Miss Sue Swart from First on August 7
Mr. Ivan Elzinga from Hope and Miss Joanne Hoolsema on August 28
Mr. Dave Miedema from Hope and Miss Marcia Schuiling on August 22
Mr. Ben Huizinga from Hudsonville and Miss Myrna Van Raalte on Sept. 5
Mr. Tim Pipe from First and Miss Lois Engelsma from Hope on Sept. 25
Mr. James Slopsema from Southeast and Miss Joan Jansma on June 22


Mr. John Hoekstra from First has transferred to Hope.
Mr. Ron VanOverloop from Hudsonville has transferred to First.
Miss Winifred Koole from Hope has transferred to Southwest.
Mr. and Mrs. Koop and three children have transferred from Hope to Southeast.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kalsbeek have transferred to Doon from South Holland.
Confession of faith was made by Mr. Wm. Bates in Hope.
Confession of faith was made by Miss Gayle Dykstra at Southeast.
Confession of faith was made by Mr. Philip Harbach at Kalamazoo.
Confession of faith was made by Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mantel at Doon.

Our Servicemen

The address of George Bodbyl from Hudsonville is:
Pvt. George Bodbyl 386-52-9238
Co. D, 1 Bn., 4th BDE
South Fort Polk, Louisiana 71459

The address of Larry Koole from Hope is:
Pfc. Larry Koole 380-52-3836
Co. C 1/20 11th L.I.B.
A.P.O. San Francisco, California 96217

The address of Don Jonker of Hope is:
Pfc. Don Jonker 380-48-7112
549th M.P. Co. SUC
Fort Davis, Canal Zone 09829

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 6 October 1969